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The WeChat version of the balance of treasure tomorrow fastest on line financial and nternet to Ali

Tencent financial finally into the.

Beijing Daily reporter learned exclusively, the Tencent will be the fastest officially launched its first Internet financial products tomorrow, WeChat version of the balance of treasure, Huaxia Fund partner.

yesterday, the relevant informed sources, Tencent will launch its WeChat platform in WeChat financial channel and the balance of the WeChat version of treasure, which was named WeChat money paid through". It is understood that the financial channel will be linked to WeChat’s my bank card interface.

for this argument, the Beijing Daily reporter from the relevant fund companies have also been confirmed: "at present, caifutong relevant staff are waiting for the final WeChat caifutong online notification, if no accident, WeChat financial channel and caifutong will be formally launched tomorrow."

The balance of treasure

and launched by Alibaba, financial products is the monetary fund WeChat financial channel first. The informed sources, "after market rumors WeChat and China fund, Yi Fangda fund, GF fund and huitianfu fund four large fund companies, but the actual situation is only Huaxia Fund, and the remaining three fund companies for the second wave".

last October, Huaxia Fund issued a currency fund, the fund’s name for the China fund wealth treasure fund. The source said, treasure treasure fund is the fund to set up a platform for WeChat business and specially set up funds, which is the money to pay the money to be linked WeChat monetary fund.

prior to this, the market for Tencent involved in Internet banking has long been expected, but the specific time to become suspense. Tencent and the Huaxia Fund’s hit it off, is also reasonable.

over the past year, the balance of treasure launched by Alibaba, the Internet Financial blow a pond. Internet Co have reached this area. Following Ali, Baidu and NetEase just rely on high-yield products completed staking. However, the performance of the balance of treasure is still the most prominent. Especially with the balance of treasure Celestica fund the rapid expansion of the scale, to the industry leader Huaxia fund. The Milky Way securities fund research center data show that last year the Chinese fund management share of 198 billion 170 million copies, only 1 billion 856 million copies of the gap between China and the balance of treasure in the Celestica fund.

"according to the development speed of the balance of treasure, probably less than a quarter of this year, Celestica fund will overtake the Huaxia Fund fund industry has become the largest fund asset management company, so the Huaxia Fund teamed up with WeChat appears to be particularly urgent, this is more like the Chinese fund in a scale of the battle," a reluctant named the fund industry sources said.

it is worth noting that, with the launch of the WeChat version of the balance of treasure, the battlefield will be officially turned to the Internet Internet banking PC mobile internet. Compared with Baidu, NetEase and other Tencent involved in the wave of Internet banking is much greater, it is likely to change the existing pattern of Internet banking.

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