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Scan several entrepreneurial success

the easiest way to start a successful business " network, part-time, team, competition, concept, internal ", etc.. The effective use of existing cyber source network business, there are two main forms of online shop, online registered online store; online join, to operate a e-commerce sites in the form of store, use the source of goods and maternal website sales channels.

of full-time network business recruits for a green hand, get started is a big challenge. Although the majority of entrepreneurs can rely on their own money to start, but there are still some enterprises in the beginning of the urgent need for cash. If you are the first venture, want to get financing is a big challenge, but there are some creative ways to help you raise the start-up funds.

if your business is to sell products, if you are the founder is a service company, it is best to require customers to pay part of the cost in advance, if you provide monthly regular service, may require advance payment of the first month.

besides, you need a long-term business plan to impress the borrower, whether he is a person or an organization. If you are trying to find angel investors, you need to understand that they will ask for ownership of the enterprise; they are also expected to soon be able to achieve a stable return on investment, usually within 35 years. "You have to figure out how your investors can make money,"


whether you turn to the bank or angel investor, you have to explain the concise and to the point of your business idea, but full of jargon will scare investors, must be easy to understand.

will provide funds for your creative criticism trying to prick, so your business plan should be strictly investigate the argument as a support. "They’re going to ask, ‘are you really looking for someone who will use your product? Have you spoken to them ‘you certainly don’t want to say’ no’."

Liu Tongzhou as a college student, 90 minutes of speech to win $1 million 200 thousand venture capital! Successful investment began in October of last year, by chance, in the dormitory fees paid by others to buy the domain name query whether the arrival, always advance to the classroom Tongzhou Liu first late. After class, Liu Tongzhou to the "business negotiation" class teacher explained the reason for his lateness. Not only did the teacher criticize Liu Tongzhou, he will write a business plan, and recommended him to Wuhan University EMBA class to make a speech.

The teaching of "

Liu Tongzhou" business negotiation teacher, then study in Wuhan University EMBA class, and more than 20 students in the class are the cause of the achievement of the enterprise executives. "The first year earned 1 million  , earned a profit of $second in 5 million, earning $10 million in third……" Liu Tongzhou ‘s grand business plan has suddenly picked up the interests of these bosses.

that morning, Liu Tongzhou spoke for 1.5 hours. The presence of the more than 20 boss students, without exception, was moved by Liu Tongzhou. < >

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