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Webmaster network daily broadcast telecommunications line fault video website evolution of new ecolo

1 pass a large number of foreign hosts screened Microsoft, Alexa and other sites can not access

Admin5 webmaster network news, in April 12th a large number of overseas placed the server name is blocked, resulting in many webmaster placed overseas can not access the site, analysis that is mainly targeted at many service providers hosting overseas business. At present, has received a large number of webmasters reflect the site can not be opened, in this proposal, the majority of owners to pay close attention to backup data in the country to complete the filing work, restore the site. According to feedback from users, Chinese Unicom network users also have a large area to access the Internet phenomenon, is currently being restored.

2.CNNIC responded "cybersquatting" events: no fraud cybersquatting

April 12th media reports, an Internet domain name investors found some Limited registered domain names registered by others by way of forgery. What is the domain name registration restrictions be registered? The relevant departments will be how to deal with these names? 11, xinhuanet.com "first response" column reporter an exclusive interview with the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) in charge of relevant departments. The responsible person said that the "malicious cybersquatting" others domain behavior, the domain name will be free of charge transferred to the relevant rights and interests.

3 rebate website website for shell

many uneven in quality

recently "rebate" fast, as long as consumers connect login online mall through the rebate site, shopping is completed, you can get the rebate website of the Commission, the "sweetness" seems to be very attractive. Nandu reporters found that now the rebate website hype, some even claiming to return more than 50%, but this seems to want to account for cheap is really not easy. Now a lot of rebate website claims to have partnerships with Jingdong, Taobao, Dangdang and other large online shopping mall, but also provide the rebate commodity basically covers the vast majority of online shopping goods, such as 3C digital, fashion and beauty etc.. The rebate is more than a bad. But a lot of rebate website its commitment, and the reality gap, technical difficulty and cost to open a rebate site is very low, no threshold leads to uneven in quality is a lot of rebate website, shell, no cash flow, and online mall to recommend the closing period of people tend to commission two or three months, only to return to the Commission to consumers, once the user popularity up, site operating costs increase, while giving the user back to the current bill to accumulate a large amount of cash, the so-called rebate eventually became a lip-service.

4 has no flash marriage Youku potatoes or change the copyright and advertisement price

March 12th, Youku, Tudou announced the merger in 100% transactions. After the merger, Youku will account for 71.5% of the shares of the new company, the new company will be named Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd, the two sides expect the merger will be completed in the third quarter of 2012. As Youku, Tudou’s leader, Koo really can lead the new company Wenzhan.

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