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Research quick assessment analysis of user traffic changes in the Google era after the search

2009, Google China accounted for nearly 20% of search requests share, as one of the search engine Chinese two market leader, Google China if you exit the market, for the Chinese search engine market, is a major historical opportunity for the long-term stability of the duopoly competition change. IResearch consulting user cluster analysis as a starting point, for all types of users were given traffic advice, in order to provide a reference for the relevant practitioners.

preemption motivation: how big is the cake?

According to iResearch

iResearch launched the Internet user behavior study continuous system iUserTracker the latest data show that in 2009, Google Chinese web search requests share is 18.9%, second only to Baidu in the market in second, and was significantly higher than that of other search engine operators, users remarkable.


Methods: the

study covered a wide range of users, is conducive to enhancing the pertinence of clustering

according to the iUserTracker monitoring data show that from July 2009 to December, Google Chinese monthly coverage of about 150 million, as of December 2009, the number of monthly coverage reached 160 million, a high degree of user penetration. Such a large user, there is access to different features, value orientation and migration trend, iResearch analysis, to obtain the potential market, different strategies for different categories of users is particularly important.


user Raiders: user clustering and targeted policy recommendations


according to different depth, iResearch Google Chinese (google.cn) users into brand preference type (heavy users), user oriented user demand (moderate users) and occasional users (mild, user) as follows:

quantitative characteristics and categories

brand preference type users: the user is Google’s "fans", high preference for the brand based on the Google as their preferred search engine, in the access characteristics embodied access intensive, comprehensive attention to search experience (including the quality of search results, search related products experience, page and company culture etc.). IResearch to visit the frequency of more than 11 days in the user’s characterization of such heavy users.


suggested: the user loyalty is very high, the short term is difficult to have the brand can be accepted and recognized, of which a considerable part of the user will choose to use a variety of techniques to access Google’s global website (google.com). If you want to capture the user’s "heart", operators need to be committed to the "long war", make unremitting operation in product development and brand construction; at the same time, in the short term, suggesting that attention to the opportunity, strive to reach the capital level of cooperation with Google’s acquisition, catalyst for long-term success "". The level of difficulty to perform is difficult

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