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Zuckerberg’s 6 success factor luck and timing

lead: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch published Saturday and founder of WatchMojo CEO · (Ashkan Kabas J Lou San Ashe Kan; Karbasfrooshan) review article. The article said, Facebook founder Mark · (Mark Zuckerberg) with 6 factors to succeed, and luck and timing is one of the indispensable two points.

below is the full text of the article:

Facebook investor Peter · Hill (Peter) was asked whether the Wall Street can accept the more than and 20 year old as a company CEO, Thiel. Hill said: we will wait until he is over 25 years old and then apply for listing." Taking into account the original name card on the young Zuckerberg words, the wait is wise.

this week, Facebook submitted the IPO (initial public offering) prospectus, and now Zuckerberg is 27 years old. Zuckerberg’s success in creating the Facebook saga has been told many times. In fact, Zuckerberg’s success consists of 6 important factors, namely ambition, insight, determination, execution, luck and timing.


ambition, or the goal of personal achievement is the foundation of one’s success. People want success, recognition, respect, money, power and fame. If you believe in what the movie "social networks" says, Zuckerberg developed Facebook for girls. However, success is always relative. As he grew older, Zuckerberg’s definition of success was changing.

ambition doesn’t always have to be on the lips. When the Winklevoss brothers hired Zuckerberg to develop the social networking site for them, Zuckerberg never said to want to develop their own website. When the Winklevoss brothers know Zuckerberg’s ambition, it was too late.


design problem allows MySpace users can customize the personal page. But this brings a chaotic environment, and users prefer Facebook refreshing interface.

Facebook did not come up with any revolutionary idea. If Facebook has any success, then Zuckerberg and others found that the needs of all, not only the needs of some users. It was difficult for people to look for others on the Internet before the Facebook was developed. However, such functions have been very natural. Such development is an evolution". It should be noted that most of the success of Facebook is not entirely new, but on the basis of existing technologies to expand and improve.

some critics believe that Zuckerberg >

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