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nterpretation of the domain name Pinyin and digital popular concern week


figure: Week domain name transaction table

domestic trade fields to this Monday is key to Pinyin domain name, such as web enabled fendai.com query independent channel Fendai, was informed that the earlier acquisition of domain name system, red fantasy net acquisition Viewtiful Larry domain, huanxia.com, diamond marriage agency bought double spell domain name zuanshi.com, in addition, this Monday is key to the digital domain name, Wo Wo Group bought 55.com caused concern in the industry, there are also rumors had domain name transaction price in more than 5 million, but the 55.com value of the domain name, the domain name for the possibility of trading price of this number is also very high, this week there is another digital domain name, domain name 466.com travel site navigation enabled website upgrade.

domestic domain name system of these transactions or enable the enterprise terminal to buy the domain name, the domain name in the foreign market transactions between individual business, but this week, overseas enterprises are active, a number of large companies to report the acquisition of domain name cases, such as the acquisition of Apple Corp iPhone4.com and WhiteiPhone.com two domain names, and looks like the iPhone series fire, Microsoft the low-key Microsoft bought socl.com, accidentally put a bottom to open, it seems you are a social project. There Amazon acquired CloudPlayer.com domain name.

This week

overseas platform domain name transaction list from different capital domain, the capital of Belarus Minsk domain name Minsk.com to $50000 in the first list, ranked first in the same trade at $50000 Trippy.com, ranking second is sold for $45000 in the European theme park this week the national domain name domain name EuroPark.com, good sales the translation results, the domain name Translations.co.uk sold for $41460, in addition, other countries domain name, such as RH.de and FLO.at of the two domain name list of the top ten finalists.

phonetic domain performance this week is not cheap, in order to win, the digital domain is also the highlight of the week, the overall domestic domain name market optimism, and two types of digital Pinyin domain was optimistic about the foreign market, with the.Com suffix words and phrases domain name is still the focus of the transaction, this week is worth attention the national domain name, country domain name sell good grades.

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