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The successor of Ma Yun conjecture Alipay CEO Peng Lei the highest voice

a stone stirred Melaleuca, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO MA (micro-blog) will be retiring in May 10, 2013 CEO news, shocked the industry. For a time, who will become Ma’s successor, attracted endless speculation in the industry.

Ma Yuncheng: "took over the founder of CEO is a very difficult job, especially with me such a distinctive character and ‘ET’ class CEO is the need for great courage and sacrifice. Ali is fortunate to have a number of such leaders, each with a rare charisma and style of leadership."

so, who will become Ma’s successor? Tencent technology brings top four candidates for you, to see how they are "out" the siege, has a space for one person in ma.

Peng Lei



group chief human resources officer and Alipay CEO Peng Lei (Tencent technology plan)

in 1999 joined the Alibaba of Peng Lei, is one of the 18 founders of the Alibaba, the group chief human resources officer and Alipay CEO.

has been a very special role for Peng Lei in the Alibaba team. Peng Lei Ma had said, the great enterprise to create a Chinese not much interest, but also enjoy the process and a group of people in the best of spirits to do one thing. If the ratio of Ma Jun soldiers to fight the general, Peng Lei more like a guardian, caring for this group of people, as well as the strength of their cohesion".


had followed Ma together to see the resume of university teachers, after 10 years of practice, now in charge of Alibaba administration, market, human resources and other departments, and in 2010, when Alipay suffered a crisis of confidence, as Alipay has CEO.

the past 2 years, Peng Lei turned Alipay into the largest third party payment platform, the market share of over 50%. In addition to providing services for Taobao, Alipay to Taobao outside of the tens of thousands of merchants to provide payment services at the same time, with more than and 170 banks to cooperate, already has the technical ability to support 100 million daily transactions.

: CTO Feng Dahui believes that Ali, the successor of CEO only Peng Lei qualified, have the ability to play. After all, the facts have proved that Peng Lei did not live up to expectations ma.

Zeng Ming



group chief strategy officer Zeng Ming (Tencent technology plan)

Zeng Ming, since 2003 has served as a strategic advisor to the Alibaba group, in August 2006 to join the Alibaba, the current chief strategy officer of Alibaba group.

After joining the Alibaba group,

was responsible for the development of the strategy of all subsidiaries of Alibaba group, including B2>

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