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From Tencent and Google will bid for the originator of CQ communication

want to ask who is the instant communication tool has the largest number of users, the answer is QQ; but to ask who is the originator of the instant communication tools, the answer is ICQ. This seems to have become an old vocabulary, even in many dictionaries have not appeared, but the ICQ (I seek you, Chinese means "I find you") is QQ, MSN and many other young fathers, but it was sold again reduced to the situation.

1998 AOL to $287 million acquisition. In November last year, with AOL will focus on content and advertising business, the company stripped ICQ and other peripheral business, as one of the measures to reduce the size of the core areas of concern. The news that ICQ’s bid price is about $200 million.

said the latest news, AOL has been in the 7 buyers bid for ICQ were selected into the next round of assessment 4. ICQ may bid for international companies including Russia investment group, investment Facebook DST, China Tencent, South Africa media giant Naspers (it is also the largest shareholder of the Tencent), Czech’s largest Internet portal Seznam, Russia’s largest search engine Yandex, and Google (Google).

Analysis of

industry, ICQ attracted many Internet giants and show that in the mobile Internet era, online dating and chat tool value is further enlarged, and the Tencent, is likely to enter the international market with the acquisition of ICQ. Tencent head Ma Huateng said in an interview with this reporter, due to the instant messaging user viscosity is very high, the Tencent will not easily enter the MSN dominant market in English speaking countries, but emerging market opportunities tend to choose. ICQ’s current market is mainly concentrated in Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe and Israel, which is in line with Ma Huateng’s idea of expansion.

reporter yesterday to contact the relevant department of Tencent investment relations, but the phone is always in a state of no answer. It is reported that the largest shareholder of Tencent Naspers CEO · Cousteau; Bakr had been publicly interested in buying ICQ, because the ICQ operation of the market "is developed, Naspers is not interested in these markets.

ICQ produced by Israel’s Mirabils company in Tel Aviv, currently has 40 million to 50 million active users worldwide. Tencent QQ and ICQ and AOL’s fate is not shallow. The first version of QQ called OICQ, is to imitate ICQ, in the ICQ before adding a letter O, meaning opening I seek you, which means "open"". But in 2000, the Tencent OICQ to occupy the domestic market more than 90% online instant messaging, trouble – AOL to the Tencent sent a lawyer’s letter, said ICQ is a registered trademark of AOL, so any use of ICQ in the name of the similar software are suspected of infringing trademark use.

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