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How to promote a large number of new sites to get effective flow

new acquisition, ranking has always been a people a headache problem, Baidu also let new mechanism is difficult to get good rankings and flow in a short period of time even more, even included all become unreachable, so in this case, the new station how to get a good flow.

1 social marketing bedding – use tools: the train collector

for a new station, not what method is more convenient to get traffic promotion way, but also has a certain promotion skills, if we were to get the last mail listserv, most of them are garbage flows, on our website for help is obviously very small.


recently made such an attempt, the author of a new pet Street extension, the content is mainly about pets, such as price, variety, characteristics, questions and so on, in order to find what I need the target groups, often removed from all kinds of social networking sites, of course, what I’m looking for is my goal customer needs, such as watercress, Baidu and some Post Bar pet community and so on, my principle is to keep the number thousand days, with a number, at the beginning, and frequent loving pet partners continue to interact with their professional knowledge, get a lot of popularity and integration, but also has more right, this time can always send a post, such as quotation purebred dogs bit, the latest information and so on, if there is a need to leave your contact information or e-mail.

this time, for many active community friends will release their contact, this time, locomotive collector can come in handy (if there is not the locomotive collector friends can go to Baidu to learn, very simple, can now quickly target groups) contact and email can be collected, second promotion mode us.

2: use a variety of marketing tools: the merger of Haodi QQ mass and all kinds of mass software

when we get the information of the target user of course, we can’t go back, the user needs information out through mass e-mail, with links to our website at QQ mailbox at home and shoot two hawks with one arrow, occupy the mainstream trend, one hundred people in at least ninety people use QQ the mailbox, this time we can be QQ collected user, related to the establishment of QQ group, most loving pet friends, a large number of QQ group can cause quantitative qualitative change, this time, mass software Haodi plays a great role in promoting, we can put information on the pets on their web site in the QQ group for the show, with our links, so our web traffic will be Everfount in way to join our site in the QQ group’s announcement of the domain name Do not underestimate these details, the driving force will be great.

3 channel cooperation – use tools: money

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