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Network marketing is not only a means but also a kind of culture

network marketing development today we can not simply think of it as a means or a method. If it is only for marketing and marketing then harvest is only now can not see the future, is a short-term effect rather than long-term benefits.


network marketing methods, but do some network marketing people can give you a lot of ways or methods. However, really see the effect and can continue to generate revenue is not much. Network marketing and traditional marketing mode as long as you like throwing money in the CCTV or media platform advertising can produce certain effect (of course there are money boondoggle, said here is most). Internet marketing is not to say that you will be able to succeed in the money, because the network has given the community too much transparency we can see the essence of your various platforms. Of course, the network marketing can not be separated from the money, but not necessarily through the big money in order to big effect. Here, we have to cite examples of millet to speak, millet marketing to tell the truth and did not spend too much money, there is no big media to advertise. Rely on is micro-blog WeChat forum to buy the phone all over the country, and in short supply, slowly formed a millet culture. We buy the phone into a culture or a kind of enjoyment, millet phone is not a simple commodity, but with a feeling of vitality of the pet.

can make the network marketing into a culture is not easy, we need to study and make decisions from multiple aspects.

extremely clear product or service positioning

network marketing also depends on products and services, there is no clear positioning for products and services, like network marketing can not find direction without a head, clear product positioning and segmentation is the premise to ensure the success of the. The user chose is to satisfy a commodity for a reason, if the position is not exact, even oneself all feel vague words, then the user can understand how your products and services? "And" have a fever is millet positioning of millet mobile phone, mobile phone fancier tailored, fancier involved. In the mobile phone industry so rampant today, blaze a new trail, enough to see the positioning and segmentation of other brand is so important. The general public for the mobile phone and it does not need a fancier so harsh, since millet can meet the fancier friends of favor, so naturally it can see the millet mobile phone expert. Specific groups represent an attitude, a certain group of people on behalf of a certain influence, but also the nature of the spread of word-of-mouth laid the foundation.

products and services must be extreme, which is the basis of

if there is a clear positioning there is no good product, then it will be just a flash in the pan, do not last long. The product to achieve the ultimate must drive you crazy, Lei Jun’s view. Do the products and services if there is no opponents beaten to death and his mad determination, they won’t get the hearts and minds of consumers. You have to cook

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