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On the operation and promotion of local talent website

local talent website can be said to be the first to realize the localization of website operation business model, because the market demand of local talent to the popularity of the site is much faster than other commercial sites, even when one of the city’s website or forum has not appeared, the local talent website has been in the city began commercial operation. With the development of the times, the needs of local talent is more and more extensive, and local talent net low threshold, provide a good business opportunity for many a person of noble aspirations. But because of the special position of local talent network, the construction of local talent network promotion and has its own characteristics, wide range of options for the head of the SEO optimization ability, the actual promotion and planning ability, have put forward higher requirements. Therefore, to understand the concept and characteristics of local talent network, propose targeted publicity and promotion strategy, to good use in the steel blade, get the best results with minimal investment, can really achieve the local talent net profit, to further promote the development of local talent network.

local talent network, as the name suggests that local talent to collect special stations, so it has two characteristics, the first is the local, and the second is the talent pool. So want to do a good job of local talent network, it must be based on local characteristics, followed by attracting a large number of personnel information, can stand firm and continue to develop. Local talent net users in the most attractive is the local large-scale enterprises and relevant institutions to them local talent network with local characteristics, the most suitable for local recruitment of job seekers, and want to attract these customers to pay, the main factor is the large number of local job information. Therefore, you want to bring the most direct recruitment effect, it is necessary to collect a large number of local talent information.

for local talent network construction the most important task is the local talent pool early site, so the promotion of local talent net early, job seekers should collect information to the local, the webmaster can to the most talented school, the talent market and collect information; also can dig through the questionnaire survey of senior personnel information and online interviews. Secondly, to the amount of information, free promotional activities and so on, to attract local enterprises to join the recruitment needs, to maintain the effectiveness of online talent information and activity. Finally, through continuous optimization of the local talent network columns, activity planning and so on, to promote the effective communication and interaction between enterprise HR and talent, and constantly enhance their talents for local talent network viscosity and loyalty, in order to maintain the development trend of local talent network.

most want to do talent website owners are eyeing on the three line four line city, no matter in which city, every enterprise, talent is always a shortage of resources, a good talent, it is difficult to imagine the driving force of enterprise. But in the three line and the four line cities, the development of slow recruitment channels, so the local talent market needs to run the market to develop their own, but it also means that the opportunity. As a result of the local talent network for the three line of the four line of the city a lot of people, it is a strange thing, the site of the initial site, traffic and click rate is very small

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