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Social network marketing 1 the essence of a social network marketing

this paper will be divided into three parts, the first part is the essence of social network marketing outline, the second part is the characteristics of domestic social networking sites, the third part is according to different social networking sites of the what kind of targeted marketing operation.

social network marketing (1): social network marketing is the essence of a

social networking, English is Social Network.

a social network marketing how to do there is no standard answer

we often hear social network marketing, and often see a lot of articles about social network marketing. Last year, most of these articles is to emphasize the importance of social network marketing, emphasizing the social network marketing is the trend, or say something about the social network marketing entry, and this year has some of the classic cases will be presented in the article. Social network marketing has entered a growth period, we can accept the social network marketing and to apply it.

in the domestic social networking sites, including Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, watercress, Kaixin, renren.com, Baidu Post Bar, QQ space, friends, or beautiful pictures website and so on shopping community, even recently the most popular WeChat public platform.

how to make a real marketing on these platforms this problem may be very few people can give some very accurate answer. After all, any marketing is required for the product to carry out.

is also through the traditional channels of marketing, traditional marketing channels and the two way medicine wine products will be a world of difference, the traditional marketing channels and even the liquor and wine are very different.

on social network marketing, different products may also have a world of difference marketing.

so, aiming at how to do this problem of social network marketing, if someone tries to give a social network marketing of the so-called standard answer, or is this person in the flicker, or he does not understand what is the product marketing.

two, marketing rules

social network marketing has no standard answer, but, as with traditional marketing, it should have some general rules.

I think marketing should be

1 the first step, we must first understand their products;

2 the second step, according to the product to determine the characteristics of their target customers;

3 third points to find their target customers;

4 the fourth step to help target users to buy our products.

social network marketing is a branch of marketing, nature should also follow such a law. According to the law, combined with the actual situation, to find their own marketing programs. >

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