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Mou Changqing share summary of my 13 blog publishing channels

used to see on the Internet, "Sina million Bo" such a word, that is, in Sina to open a blog, the total amount of access exceeded 1 million, it can be called millions of popular name bo. I also have a blog in Sina, but the popularity has been lukewarm, only tens of thousands of visitors, there is a huge gap from one million bo.

I have to focus on their own independent blog, that can not rely on third party platform, can make a bloggers do it, is the kingly way. And in the long run, their own independent blog developed, better than the third party blog, and more commercial value. For example, how would like to change their own blog, would like to hang advertising on advertising, and in the third party blog, there are a lot of inconvenience.

the two day suddenly some data of each blog prompted by a sudden impulse, summary, before the main analysis of their own independent blog data. Today, I often go to the 13 articles published channels to share some of the relevant data. To write a new blog to do a reference and reference. In addition to share with you, their feelings about the release channels.

figure: 13 major distribution channels of the relevant data (the total number of blogs to visit, the total number of comments, blog set up time, etc.)


in addition to the above 13 channels, there are some other, just do not go, these 13 channels, each article is now basically Betfair place. Now according to the blog set up time, with one by one introduced.

A: Baidu space (08 years in July before the establishment of an independent blog, original articles of the first place)

in the choice of Baidu space, in fact, also tried another 2 blog providers. The first is the DONEWS blog, the second is the MSN space. But because of various reasons, eventually forced to give up. Until July, 06 years to register the Baidu space, only to stabilize down. Later, the original article is first in Baidu space, in the bottom left of each post, the original address is Baidu space.

Baidu space advantage, because it is Baidu’s products, Baidu search engine is more friendly, some keywords ranking is also good. The disadvantage is that Baidu space does not have a IT portal user base, unlike in the 4 major portals or DOEWS blog, as well as the opportunity to be recommended to the technology channel or website home page, so that more people in the industry to see. Baidu’s popularity, more to their promotion, if not out, can only be inside entertain.

for 08 years in July to enable independent blog, Baidu space gradually abandoned, are now accumulating wrote several articles to update once, lead to decline in popularity is very powerful. However, the initial release of several articles in Baidu space, the popularity is still very busy, and even more than I am now some of the popular blog articles popular popularity. For example, at that time a "forum to promote the refinement of the method (above)"

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