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Keep your site with your customers

if 10 years ago, you said to business managers on the network marketing, you need to face each other confused eyes. However, today, you talk to them about network marketing, they will no longer be confused, and will give you a feeling. This fully shows that the era of network marketing has arrived. Many sites through the optimization of a high flow, but the flow up, but not to increase the number of business consulting. This fully shows that some sites are losing a lot of business opportunities every day. So how can we retain these visitors, it needs to ask, how to make your site to retain your customers?

website content and structure is the key to retain customers

content readability, authority and so on are the key to retain visitors, how to improve the efficiency of the content, it is necessary to start from the website structure design. Website design, one is for the target customers, on the other hand is the marketing process, analysis of the characteristics of enterprise target customers and product and delivery mode, is to meet the customer needs of website content; analysis of the marketing process, understand the main marketing programs and tools, is to be able to transmit information through online marketing design, website structure is to achieve this goal, the content of the web site planning, is the main content for visitors of different design differences, such as general visitors, visitors, visitors and other needs of interest.

network marketing to add interactive elements

interaction is the most important part of marketing, website visitors visit the corporate website, the website needs to provide more means to support the "interaction", a phone is just a way of Web site in the striking position display telephone customers, the telephone is the most valuable, but the number is very limited, and very difficult to improve; instant messaging is a good way, when browsing the website, if you need more information, instant messaging will promote exchanges, the more important is the enterprise can take the initiative to contact every customer browsing website, it is becoming a major means of network marketing; website registration can not be ignored, but the web site is not registered simply set up the registration area, but in the process of access to customers, to meet the needs of customers by providing more content, personally think that the Northeast medicine Medical network (www.hlj120.com.cn) to do the good, for example, when the disease of male impotence, impotence symptoms in the article, and introduces the impotence treatment and impotence with matters and the related articles. This can meet some of the needs of users. And so on, can design more content to meet the needs of customers, customers get the information, you need to register, just need to change the registration, registration information into contact information and demand information, in addition to the basic contact information to customers to fill out the rest of the information, can choose the way to complete, thus improving customer registration may in short, the website will be transformed into real customers, need more interactive way, in addition to the outside, and, in: customer message >

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