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Website user experience design analysis eBay revision experience sharing


not long ago, eBay announced the release of the new version (www.eBay.com/feed), causing the attention of the outside world, here to share about the new eBay experience: (


new eBay – to meet the needs of fourth types of users

Jakob Nielson in E-Commerce, summed up the e-commerce website must support four types of user needs:


1 looking for a particular commodity (known-item purchases);

2 search and study specific category (category research, where users identify and buy products that best match their needs


3 looking for special products (bargain-hunting);

4 in the stroll to stimulate demand (browsing for inspiration).

as a reference, we can find that the first three types of user needs in the old version of eBay has been supported:

you look for specific commodity search function


we find and study specific category — graphical navigation category / screening function


We find the special offer product — eBay



and the biggest change in the new eBay – eBay feed, is intended to meet the needs of the fourth categories of users: in the stroll to stimulate demand.

eBay feed

home page size NEW


eBay feed for mining users’ shopping may stimulate the demand for shopping, mainly from the following aspects to try:

– the initial boot process, start feed;


waterfall streaming experience, pure browsing experience;

concern the user interest, that offers a variety of interesting way;


intelligent recommendation, dig the potential interests of users;

– update push, to attract users to visit.


, let’s start from

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