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Marketing Canon making conversation


war however is, Qi is the change, not be poor. · – "the art of war; military potential articles"

if you like me, doing Internet operations are born with a love allusive force, always in writing at the beginning when added to your own unknown Li Jue famous quotes, then congratulations, you have a good part of qualified marketing people.

all marketing excellent people, mostly perennial grass root in the world, with a keen sense of network public opinion, good at capturing and using Taiwan opera, ready to give back a subject with a "where to go", to the front of a object and a "right now", or even to wait for Feng Xiaogang’s new can not wait to be released, "private custom" this four word phrase engraved into the aunt’s mind.

they are each tidal wave of Internet goers, for the purpose of public enemy, unswervingly to users know the truth to light up in the vast sea, as WeChat expression of nerves in the frog and joy horse, a wave of more than a wave wave.

for this type of marketing people, of course, we can call it "excellent". Unfortunately, excellent, is still not the top".

looking for a slightly famous martial arts novels, you will find that the master of martial arts can be found everywhere, but in the end the protagonist, can let the reader exclamation "hanging fried days, and then one or two Boss. How to become the one or two to take the leading role to suppress the force as a good man caught in difficult circumstances, and forced hundreds of thousands of words, immersed in love, finally go back to beat with the aura of Boss marketing themselves? This article will tell you the answer.

because there is no fixed answer to this kind of thing. Obviously, you want to become a Kung Fu reaching perfection of marketing, you need is not only the qualification, time, luck and WeChat brush circle of friends, also need some experience according to the summary of exclusive secrets, the secrets although traceable, It differs from man to man., but often vague, non dream, bathing, toilet not insight.

this topic we discuss today, can’t take tips, but it is also worth exploring marketing moves: making conversation.

What: what is the talk of


talk, for people to talk about the hidden in the data at leisure, small household affairs, hidden in the trend of the times.

I have a colleague asked me one day before the two: Well, the balance of Baoan Alibaba is not safe, I want to put 200 thousand in now, one day earn


I pinch a count: 35 bar.

: Well, he was worth a meal of the day


I laughed: Yes, but I put less money, can only earn a lottery money.

he nodded, silence, joy, and then in the rest of the day’s work.

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