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Eight rules to improve your site’s PV

According to

statistics, in time to visit web site for more than 4 minutes, he is likely to produce consumption, so we have to think of ways to let each one into the website visitors click Page, improve PV in order to increase the user of the site’s trust.

eight rules to improve the site’s PV:

1, using the Gutenberg rule

users often visual center in the top left of the page, and finally ended when browsing sight often falls in the lower right corner, so the rational use of this rule can help users better access to content and take action. You can arrange the "order" and "appointment" button.

2, let your users have something to click

users to enter the site is to get the information he wants to understand, when users read the current page after the next can do what should do, it will be in the appropriate position left click a button or link to allow users to take further action.

3, to show the real product

although we don’t judge, but on the Internet, users often rely on the appearance to judge, to the user a good display picture of your products, if there is no picture, must be as detailed as possible to introduce products, to allow users to imagine that he will use the product what.

4, to avoid abuse of product comparison

provides users with a choice is a good thing, but if forcing the user to make a choice in too many options, may lose some users. If you have to let the user make a choice, you can first recommend to the user a default option, and emphasized in the visual.

5, provide users with the opportunity to try the product

provides the opportunity to try is to improve the participation of users on your site, you can guarantee in the quality of their products under the OK, every serious trial users will have sufficient basis in making a purchase decision, and has become a potential customer to spend time and effort to use your product the. Remember the www.mzeyes.com network doctor said to us, many patients at the beginning are not too much trust in their hospital, then they suggested that patients come to the hospital investigation results, visits their changes obviously. In fact, the electronic commerce station, can provide some sample for free trial.

6, with the design tips to guide users to browse

we set up a website for the purpose of allowing users to become our potential customers, so the use of some elements of the arrow in the design, to guide the user steps on a bit said step by step, and finally to "register" and "buy" link.

7, the rational use of the user’s subconscious

is simply in the web site design to apply more pictures

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