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2015 excellent social marketing people of the 6 habits do you have

do you want to improve the productivity of social media and make your marketing market vibrant? In fact, there are always some different habits of the people who are different from ordinary people. In this article, we will introduce 6 social media habits that contribute to marketing.

1 establishes a valuable relationship chain

excellent marketers know that chain is the accelerant of commercial success, not used to hate when no relationship, usually more with consumers and other business partners to establish meaningful.

According to a recent study by

Gallup, most business owners understand, including the relationship, an enterprise need to manage with a variety of people: suppliers, potential investors, employees, consumers, competitors, colleagues, government officials and media relations.

how to develop this habit?

most business people have accumulated over the years, accumulated a lot of connections, but these relationships have not yet become mutually beneficial links. You can sort these relationships into a list of people who have a significant impact on your success and regularly link them.

how to build this list:

to find the quality of customers and partners to see what they have good quality.

According to these characteristics,

lists the top 100 contacts. And the list needs to include those who have the potential to convert (you may use it later).

spends an hour a week with everyone on the list. In the same way, social media, greeting greetings.

you have to pay to get in touch with these 100 people. Give your time, your resources, your knowledge, and give them encouragement and help when appropriate.

repeat the above steps once a week.


2 allows you to bring the concept of social attributes, and the use of social networks to spread

how to occupy your target audience from the heart brain, let them remember you? You have to benefit, and deliver a positive value, then the utility you exhibit more weak, people are more likely to become your contribution and followers.

Toms shoes is a good example, the founder of Blake Mycoskie, will help the idea into the brand and its operation, then Toms shoes have a very good impression of the brand, choose this brand of shoes can help those who need help, the purchase behavior has the same social attributes when.

Since the establishment of the

company, Toms shoes have been complied with their "buy one donate one" commitment, so far has sent out about thirty-five million pairs of shoes.

how to develop this habit?

create a gift calendar, >

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