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Talking about how to open a Taobao shop to make money

a lot of people would like to open a Taobao shop to make money, make money at home, the little day comfortable. However, nothing is so simple. There are one hundred people can have a success has been regarded as very good. Why, because some sell more than buy. How can you something to whom. Of course, nothing is so absolute. Below, Shao Lianhu and we talk about how to open a Taobao shop to make money.

first, reputation does not mean money

a lot of novice in the opening of the Taobao shop, always thought that the store will be a good reputation to buy something. Because we will find some good shops in Taobao shopping. However, Shao Lianhu is still that sentence, nothing is absolute. Good reputation is good, no credibility is not necessarily no one to buy. Understand, so we have successfully created a shop, do not think about how to brush credibility. You don’t have to waste that money. Taobao may have closed your shop. The shop is so hard to be permanently sealed, you will take this risk, or else it.

second, consignment is better to sell their goods

novice in the opening of Taobao shop always find a variety of reasons, said no money, can not purchase. Fear of risk, can not sell how to do. So the final choice is mostly consignment. This does not blame them, I was also on sale. But what about the results?. Spent a tremendous effort for a month and not a business transaction. There’s a question that makes you happy. Why don’t I suggest that you sell. We don’t know the product because of the consignment. You can enter some of their own goods, try to sell in Taobao. We take their own photos, their size, their own express delivery. So when the customer asked us to know how to communicate with customers. If the consignment, then ask three do not know. Or the description of the goods received by the customer is not the same, then waiting for the poor. I am not saying that the consignment is not good, if you just play can do, if you want to be strong, bigger, you have to have their own goods. Only advice.

third, not to open the Taobao store will be someone to buy things, learn to promote

a lot of people to open a Taobao shop after all day waiting for someone else to buy things. One day, two days, a month has passed, and perhaps not a deal. There are dozens of clothes in the Taobao to sell the same product, I would like to ask, why do they want to go to your store to buy your home baby cheap, or a good reputation. We don’t have one, don’t expect anyone to come to our house to buy a baby. Therefore, we can not rely on Taobao, you must take the initiative to go to various places to promote. Here, Shao Lianhu still have to say that the promotion of several methods. It can be said, to do a good job, the money will have a very important.

1, mobile marketing. Now almost everyone has a smart phone in hand. We can in the QQ space, WeChat friends, unfamiliar street message version of the text, picture information. >

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