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Alibaba repurchase funds source list


technology news (Xiao Hua) September 24th Beijing time news, YAHOO shares repurchase plan before the Alibaba group, according to the purchase price, the latest valuation of around $40 billion, YAHOO holdings of shares of the Alibaba dropped to 23%, the Alibaba funded investment group, Bo Yu capital, CITIC Capital and CDB Ali Ba become shareholders of Papua New guinea.

according to sources, Alibaba for the repurchase of shares of $7 billion 600 million may consist of the following sources:

1 to private placement of ordinary shares of $2 billion.

2 existing shareholders, Temasek Holdings, DST and run through preferred shares of Alibaba investment group increased.

3 China Investment Corp inject $2 billion to Alibaba group.

4 Alibaba group $2 billion in cash.

Prior to’s repurchase of shares from YAHOO, YAHOO holds 42% stake in Alibaba, Ma Yun (micro-blog) and the company’s management holds a total of $26.1%. After the repurchase, equity structure may change the following:

1 Ma and management and investment, Bo Yu capital, CITIC Capital and the State Development Bank and other private equity funds will hold a stake of 45.1%.

2 Softbank will hold 31.9% of the shares.

3 YAHOO will hold a stake of 23%.

in order to repurchase shares and privatization, Alibaba will borrow 3 billion to $4 billion from the national development bank.

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