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Create a long tail million a month off site of Taobao keyword optimization

these days in many forums to see a lot of netizens for Taobao customers do not make money and worry, at least every day to see this post article; although I am not Taobao customers to promote expert, but my hand on the site can be accessed through the SEO, so as to obtain a lot of traffic in the search engine. I remember the first single Commission of the Taobao customer transactions; although the keyword is not a popular word for strong competition, but guess most of the users in the search engine to get the answer to the long tail keywords.

compared with popular keywords, I easily completed the optimization of business, although the traffic and not popular keywords, but at least I can get the user traffic in the search engine to get the answer; when the users get help, often very easy to get to the traffic volume; transformation for volume. Compared to do hot keywords to the first more confident.

optimization of long tail keywords to find the brand’s long tail keyword

in the network marketing forum also wrote several articles about the classification of goods promotion; optimize the brand is not the same as the SEO one or two months will be able to achieve the effect of things, like the Royal Square mud, grass set, Adidas, Nike and so on the brand, has a brand awareness in the heart of every man. SEO how long is the brand’s long tail keyword.

When you use

, make million is not a dream, with the fact that all! Here is my website using this method of income, we can refer to some advice:


how to tap the long tail keywords (citing Shao Shouwen)

a, extended

as the name suggests is for example, around the target keywords for keyword expansion. For example, around the "grass grass collection, set the key words, you can set the official website, in the energy-saving, integrating mask; around the expansion of the" Royal mud square "and can be found in the Royal Square mud, Royal Square mud mask, the mud Fang joined etc.. This method is in fact most of the webmaster friends are in use, that is, the relevant search method.

two, copy

"innovation dead, copy live!" the establishment of new sites, we can use replication to start. Because the new establishment of new sites, often on their own to do a keyword grasp is not good, do not know the word can bring you more traffic and revenue, then we should copy the outstanding competitors through keywords learning website.

1) to observe the competitor’s website home page, column settings of the title and keywords, and then expand.

2) browsing rival content page, find popular articles, learn his title and content writing.

three, know

here "know" means Baidu knows, the world’s largest Chinese interactive quiz platform, here >

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