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Orchard Wang Wei every day fresh electricity supplier yet to come

the last half year from relatively calm start fresh curious and changeful, fresh electricity providers have a lot of fresh B2C transformation, O2O platform is also in jeopardy of the capital market’s consciousness, but also for the industry a wake-up call. In the face of change, every day, Wang Wei, founder of the orchard to sort out their views on the current situation of fresh electricity supplier, many of which are different from the industry and blatant views of three. (the following is Wang Wei readme)

is the inlet of business people, go home to wash sleep. 2015 is the most exciting year fresh electricity supplier. "Internet plus" and the public business of the call, many smart people and capital to enter the industry, a variety of business models in the constantly refresh awareness on fresh electricity supplier. In the joint efforts of everyone, fresh electricity supplier was accepted by more users.

On the other side of the

coin, we also saw the collapse of the original fruit business, Lenovo CEO Cui Xiaoqi and Jia market since the media people Lu Zhenwang has written the words "will never touch the fresh electricity", including HUAWEI more recent personnel changes. There will be more turbulence below the surface, and more cases are likely to come out in the future.

hold for a long time, onlookers have a lot of comments, I would like to talk about their own fresh electricity supplier in this industry as well as some of the views of the industry entrepreneurship.

fresh electricity supplier far from the arrival of

fresh electricity supplier industry outlet in the end there is no problem? This is a lot of entrepreneurs are concerned about. My point of view, fresh electricity supplier is far from the arrival of the air. Now the wind is blowing electricity supplier, not fresh wind, but fresh wind will come. Electricity supplier to go to the wind when you can see who’s wearing less clothes, fresh wind to see who is ready.

2015, consultant Nelson did a survey, Chinese fresh market has a market size of 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the electricity supplier fresh after 10 years of development, the scale is much? 2013 is about 10000000000, 2015 45 billion, only less than 2% of the total market. Comparison of the same size of the market in the 2 trillion clothing market, electricity supplier penetration reached as early as 30%.

the same data, different people may have different interpretations. Some people will see that this industry is the last of the entire electricity supplier blue ocean, unlimited growth space. In addition, it will be said that the industry has done so many years did not get up, indicating that it is defective in the electricity supplier gene.

fresh electricity supplier is an industry with unlimited potential, but it is not an industry to make money. That is not the case for every A new force suddenly rises. fresh electricity supplier in the industry.

investigate the reason lies in the loss of fresh goods and non standardized. The characteristics of easy loss, the company decided to enter the industry is facing a much higher operating costs and complaints. The characteristics of non standardized, decided the company can not do a shuaishouzhanggui — as long as the platform, the flow Everything will be fine. It requires industry companies to know more than farmers

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