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Part of the POP platform sellers dissatisfied with the promotion of Jingdong responsibility quit fri

every reporter Xie Xiaoping from Beijing

business tycoon continued price war to attract the attention of consumers, but also let the chaos of the price system of suppliers into "unspoken" embarrassing.

, the daily economic news reporter was informed that Jingdong mall set off a full 300 to send promotional activities, is experiencing some POP platform businesses rebound.

According to the

business Jasonwood electricity supplier general manager Wei Wei to reflect, the brand did not sign, but was added to Jingdong promotional pages, 1000 yuan tickets and activities businesses have to pay. In negotiations with Jingdong and clearly indicate that they do not participate in the event, they suffered a frozen payment, forced under the shelf, can not log in the background, etc..

"now just let us first, long-term development and cooperation opportunities to get things. We are 1000 yuan fanquan or Jingdong out of their own, there is no clear." One thought he was banned clothing brand told reporters.

Jingdong does not agree with the above statement, in a statement sent to reporters, said the operator before the promotion, the principle of voluntary participation in the business communication. Before the event, Jingdong mall and Jasonwood through the QQ communication, the business is agreed to participate. There are businesses on the shelf and choose to suspend the delivery, is due to the threat of friends of the business after the operation, not the Jingdong.

part of the merchant dissatisfaction promotional activities

"we’ve decided to quit the Jingdong." Wei Wei of the "daily economic news" reporter said, in August 15th, as a Jingdong POP platform partner he received a notice of the Jingdong, was asked in September 3rd "money and resources", in full 300 to send 1000 "activities.

"we had an internal discussion and decided not to participate." Wei Wei said that Jingdong requirements to participate in the activities of businesses to apply for Jingdong, they did not sign up. August 30th, Jingdong to find them to communicate, they expressed the hope to participate in another promotional activities, opening half off, the two sides did not talk about.

According to Wei Wei

said, in September 3rd, Jasonwood found their brands on the Jingdong promotions page, to 5 pm, you can click directly into the Jasonwood shop through the promotional page, this also means that the Jasonwood shop in the "full 300 to send 1000" activities.

This makes

Wei Wei very dissatisfied, in his opinion, the Jingdong as a platform, should not be without permission into the shop promotion page.

later, Wei Wei asked the Jingdong to begin negotiations, removed the event page. Wei Wei to surprise, then the Jingdong POP platform backstage account can not log in, "the background was locked and there is no way through the login account password is required to participate in the activities."


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