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Social electricity supplier new play God horse welfare millions of dollars Pre A financing

mobile Internet is the center of the logo, and now the user access to information has become extremely fragmented channels and scenes. For the electricity supplier entrepreneurs, if you want to catch everyone’s attention, WeChat (social platform) is undoubtedly the most abundant flow entrance. As a result, we see the rise of the fight group mode, that is, the number of clever buy together through WeChat to buy affordable form, to absorb powder + buy double purpose, to get a low cost of installed capacity.


today introduced "what welfare" was founded in the first half of last year to 36 social electricity supplier team today, krypton exclusively revealed, bluerun has received millions of dollars in financing at the end of last year to Pre-A. Before the founder Liu Hongfei is vice president of the Tencent’s trading treasure electricity supplier, in his view, social electricity supplier of the definition is not simply put an entrance, in social media using social media traffic, but to promote social development, play a role or social value.

based on this understanding, the team conducted a series of planning, including in January this year, has just launched "what blessing package". This is the first in the circle of friends sharing application welfare goods, relying on WeChat, similar to WeChat red envelopes, you can buy in the center and blessing package blessing package, as red as forwarded to the group or circle of friends, other people click grab input address, without blessing package, you can receive the goods free postage. In addition, what also developed a blessing package to send or transfer check records, fat blessing package; package grab blessing package ranking functions.


Liu Hongfei said, what can be seen as a blessing package after WeChat, Alipay red envelopes of natural derivatives, "Chinese culture hurt feelings about money, but people do not blame the officiating, so some many small commodities in mind, such as the Lantern Festival Glutinous Rice Balls, office snacks, compared with the money, can express the" heart ". WeChat, also a strong complement to red." The future, in addition to what blessing package, the platform will also launch a variety of new attempts, such as the circle of friends will raise the public etc..

is "what welfare" SKU includes corporate welfare, products (such as Joyoung Soybean Milk machine), creative goods, commodities (9 pieces of 9 bags of mail, sample) categories, using B2C mode, cooperation with manufacturers or channels, making the sale price. As for why you choose to go B2C, Liu Hongfei’s understanding is: once the open platform is difficult to control the quality, to ensure that there are goods in the warehouse, and the corresponding quality inspection. "What other benefits" is the selection and price linked, divided into product selection, bargaining (price and payment term), delivery timely, quality inspection, supplier volume five links.

on how to choose the direction of social electricity supplier, Liu Hongfei believes that Taobao and Jingdong platform has a very important structural difficulties. Taobao, for example

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