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O2O myth ending subsidies to create pseudo demand goodbye perfect ending

Abstract: high growth and high mortality of O2O, means that the risk brought by the integration of online and offline, is the precondition of determination, such as "let the bullets fly" Huang Silang told Hu Wan: "if you live, sooner or later will die; if you die, you will never live!"

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CEO from the high cold symbols become as the next Pharaoh as close to the people, thanks to national entrepreneurship tide gave, but more credit to O2O, a few years ago to talk about ideals, about entrepreneurship, I’ll put up several products, operations and technology Daniel, can play a capital recognized situation will be the occasion today, a public number will be able to pick up the door, dropping the start-up costs, let many people cheering entrepreneurship in the spring, but Shelley said in turn set up, spring, winter be far behind?

like bamboo shoots after a spring rain O2O has created three kinds of game player, the first is the grassroots entrepreneurs, they are concentrated in the shallow water area community and vehicle service catering, etc., through setting up the mobile platform from the traditional industry to the first set off, the pipeline, and then gradually plan subversion, the benefits are once passed through the dangerous period first, you can quickly copy and expansion, such as the success of God carved, and because the trial and error and low cost, the failure is relative, but often unyielding, such as, love carpool Yang Yang failed after the establishment of a small table; the Hornets play car team and create a love house rent.

the other is the transformation of traditional enterprises, they realize that the mobile era is a cruel history, rather than let others subversion, not self revolution, such as the typical e bags wash laundry, Rongchang has 24 years of history is the original and Big Mac, put mature line layout out door O2O model. Of course, not to make money, a bag of 99 yuan plus a subsidy is not a rational business model – but only for the line set off, the offensive into retirement, in line with the transformation of the layout of the traditional business, although not necessarily successful, but will probably live longer than grassroots entrepreneurship.

, of course, the most terrible thing is connected to those small businesses on the BAT platform, BAT do not care about their lives, but the flow enough for their blood, which makes it possible to turn into the vertical field drops.

winter capital, O2O what it was like spring bloom, now is how haggard and die, many of the business model that can not withstand scrutiny, in addition to the valuation bubble, is the most important product in the scene around several key on it.

subsidies create fake demand

The first described

O2O scene is the demand, the pain point often specious lazy economy was discovered to be the transformation of the Internet, such as car wash. A lot of start-up companies have found this looks particularly LOW consumer scenarios, such as:

experience poor

random pricing


, however, ignores the "core technology" that supports such services, for cleaning a car

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