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Comsenz released cross border integration products Discuz X experience package

the latest news, the afternoon of March 28, 2010, Chinese leading community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) officially released the cross-border integration product Discuz! X 1 experience package, the upcoming Discuz! X products officially entered the public beta stage.

figure 01 Discuz! X 1 experience package released

new Discuz! X Comsenz launched a professional website platform based on the community, so that the Forum (BBS), personal space (SNS), portal (Portal), group (Group), open platform (Open Platform) is fully integrated in one, help the site to achieve a one-stop service. At the same time Discuz! X will be combined with the needs of users, to extend the brand space, real estate, classified information, electronic commerce, marriage, home, car and other commercial applications, to provide professional and comprehensive technical solutions for local and regional media websites.

official development team log, the tester will Discuz! X 1 experience package uploaded to the server directory, access to the domain name /install/ in accordance with the prompts to install. In view of the Discuz! 1 X experience package is a test version of the experience, so close to the community operations roaming (Manyou) open platform applications will be available at the official release. The recommendations and comments on the function of the public test will be targeted to improve and achieve before the official release.

it is understood that the new architecture of Discuz! X product development fully listen to the voice of the first station, users with unified, unified, open, integrated application of cross-border integration features, has been the concern and support of the majority of owners in the early stage of development. So this Discuz! X 1 experience package release, although arranged on the weekend, but there are still a lot of owners to give up the rest time, the first time to download and test.

download address: http://s.download.comsenz.com/DiscuzX/Discuz_X1.0_Demo_GBK.zip

experience site: http://s.discuz.org

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