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Porn site more than 370 million technology filtering difficult

public technology card blocked pornography from Repan

reporter Li Songtao

as long as the contact with the Internet, it will easily be harassed by pornographic websites, which is a lot of experience of the Internet users. The latest data show that the number of Internet users in China has reached 144 million, of which more than 18 minors under the age of 20 million. According to statistics, there are more than 370 million pornographic websites on the Internet, every day about twenty thousand pornographic photos into the internet. Young Internet users are suffering from pornographic websites on the erosion of bad information.

recently, the Ministry of Public Security spokesman Wu Heping said, was captured by the juvenile crime, there are nearly 80% people tempted by the network, because these people indulge in the network, or by the erosion of the yellow information network, even as major crime, fraud, rape, robbery, snatch a very high proportion of crime.

"save the children, let them stay away from these bad information." Some parents, can not solve this problem from the technical, direct filtering out bad information.

simply solve the problem of bad information on the Internet, very difficult." Professor Kan Kaili the research and development of the information industry policy of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications said, there are too many websites and Internet without borders, there are many websites are using a proxy server outside, monitoring and filtering is very difficult.

that Kan Kaili, pornography and other undesirable content in information filtering, text content is relatively easy, can be achieved by setting the keywords, but the image filtering is very difficult, "the scenery pictures and images of people apart is not easy, not to mention the difference between energy-saving, what kind of picture is pornographic pictures there is no clear standard."

Compared with

network, that Kan Kaili of minors easier to control the use of mobile phone pornography and other harmful information, "to do some restrictions on Youth Internet enabled mobile phone." But that Kan Kaili, to better protect children from pornography and other harmful information harassment, the key is to strengthen the guidance, cultivate a healthy environment, the young people’s interest to guide the contents of health.

but also have different views, a communications company staff told reporters that in the technology of filtering pornography and other undesirable information is not complicated, the key lies in those portals, operators will make great efforts to do so, after all, the information content is to increase the click rate.

"and," it’s not clear whether the porn site is illegal for adults. How to judge whether browsing pornographic information of Internet users is an adult or a minor?"

it is understood that the prohibition of the dissemination of obscene, pornographic and other harmful information laws and regulations, there are a lot of self regulatory norms, but pornography and other harmful information on the network is still the largest presence. Information released by the Ministry of public security, in 2006, only the public security organs directly on the Internet to find, delete pornographic information there are more than 60 thousand, closed >

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