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More than and 300 illegal online music website was closed

Ministry of culture announced today, to the middle of this month, will shut down all more than and 300 illegal online music website.

since October 2010, China launched a six-month crackdown on IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods since the special action, the Ministry of culture and the regulation of the high-pressure situation, CO carding 564 provides network music playback, listen, download and use services website, focus on cleaning up the sky music network, 123wma music network 9Ku music network, 237 suspected of engaging in illegal operation of online music website, the website shall be ordered deadline for rectification, immediately stop the Internet cultural activities, network music products containing prohibited content and delete suspected of piracy. And did not carry out rectification or rectification does not meet the requirements, shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.

at present, 237 were named site, there are more than and 70 self closing. Another more than and 60 is not named the network music website, also not the momentum and self closing action. To the middle of January 2011, 300 illegal online music site cleanup work will be basically completed.

news from Beijing on January 9th Li Liji cleared 237 illegal online music website, the Ministry of culture once again resorted to strike, recently issued "on the liquidation of online music product notice", concentrate on cleaning up the first batch of the first 100 illegal online music products.

Since the

special action, the Ministry of culture combed a total of 300 without the contents of the Ministry of culture to review or file for the alleged infringement and piracy of online music products, including unauthorized imports of online music products.

pointed out that the Ministry of Culture issued in the announcement, "It Happens Every Day", "Don" t Wanna Lose "You Again," if you are a girl "and other online music products, not by the Ministry of culture content review or record, and suspected of piracy. Part of the network music website without providing online music products, play audition and download and use other services specified in annex, seriously disrupting the online music market management order, must be in accordance with the law clean-up regulation.

Ministry of culture, the search engine, portal website, industry website, entertainment website and business or personal website, quickly carry out self correction before February 28th, found website without network music products censorship or filing, shall immediately delete. Overdue for cleaning up the site, will be investigated according to law.

reiterated that the Ministry of culture, any unit engaged in online music products, including Internet cultural activities, must be strictly in accordance with the "Provisional Regulations for the administration of Internet culture" and other relevant provisions, to obtain the corresponding qualifications according to law; the import of network music products must be approved by the Ministry of culture, the content of the review, the domestic music products must be reported to the Ministry of culture for the record, and offenders will be punished according to law.

Ministry of culture, said it would continue to clean up the contents of the network without censorship or record illegal music products >

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