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NET open source Microsoft cloud for the first strategy in full swing

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.NET open source! The whole world circle of developers suddenly raged, the first time it flew by the seat CSDN login comments countless programmers instantly flooded slobber war. Recently, Microsoft announced plans to open source.NET development environment,.NET application development platform for other developers can outside the Windows, at the same time, Microsoft will provide.NET application runtime environment and framework support for these platforms.

in the bustling and programmers forum community, around the.NET open source code message, the debate between Java and.NET developers have been upgraded to various pains and sorrows, and even extend the merits of a dispute to Linux and Windows on the server. Some of this has long been the Microsoft diehard and.NET for the livelihood of the programmer and even shouted "java to death" slogan.


means.NET open source? Why is this news for developers like a heavy bomb? It will have what impact on Microsoft and the industry with three questions? Let’s start with those things to the world about the programmer.

– Java and.NET two camps

The development of

computer language through the machine language, assembly language and high-level language, C, C++, Java and other leaders shine in history after the primate animal human intelligent programming language will make development tools and development platform is easy to use, you can use these tools to build a platform like high building blocks like music you can code what you want, you still have to cut blocks of course (language). After the time evolution has formed two major development camp — Java and.NET, said the former is a simple cross platform development tool, development, operation and maintenance can be carried out in different operating system; the latter is a cross language development platform that allows the use of a variety of programming language and its development tools, but only the development process and operation the application of the Windows platform. Both have advantages and disadvantages, at a glance.


.NET taught his father to Microsoft strong and powerful known, but since the age of the Internet especially the limitations of the mobile Internet era Microsoft stick to the Windows platform, its nature is flexible cross platform Java stole the show. However, Nadella is not a vegetarian,.NET open source, not only supports cross platform development, it is important to run cross platform, which makes the Java virtual machine advantage all gone.

-.NET Java

of open source

history shows that open source and commercial software like two mutual inhibitions, which is a shift in the relationship, but not completely annexed the other party.

over the past decade, Java conform to the development trend of the Internet with its excellent versatility, security, platform portability to win global development >

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