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Li Wang on the construction of county local portal

Internet heavyweights occupy large sites, some of the vertical local portal becomes hot! Some county-level city have their own website, if your home, also do not have a good website, please start


1 Forum building

forum is a gathering of the feelings of the circle, forums do not have advertising, early to catch people’s livelihood, public opinion, let users feel that this forum you can help them tell some livelihood phenomena of democracy! Website forum prior to start some of the local society, for example: Bicycle Association, Fishing Association, photography association…… Other social groups, inviting them to join your forum, when they do the activities, you will become their network support, they each activity photos, can be published in the forum, for them, is a kind of glory! Grasp the QQ group, a web site of the official QQ number, set the name for yourself the name of the site, and then add all the local QQ group, then with each QQ group exchanges, inviting them to join your group before the forum, to group communication, or the back of some links to articles, advertising is not convenient, if you add 100 QQ group, excluding repeat, there are probably thousands of people QQ users, you can carpet promotion for the thousands of people, each window to every promotion, promote your forum to spread to these people every day! Every day featured some local news Each group, sent to the window, and then delivered to the group forum, every 5 or 10, issued to each group forum, must insist on doing this! Somebody open the chat window, you can see the daily news:


2 News Building

portal construction mainly focuses on news, most of the local portals are copying local news network above news, if you have the ability to create their own news that is the best, simply mention the contribution of township college-graduate village official news, now every town has a large student village, every place has a group, can be found each local Village Township, can communicate with them, let them take some township news release to its own website to


3 real estate construction

local real estate website, is a very important point, is a point of money, the establishment of a real estate information publishing platform, contact the local real estate intermediary, invited a large number of real estate intermediary to provide a large number of real estate information, real estate information filled, the needs of each real estate intermediary should be run to publicity, introduction, real estate intermediary generally accepted, because of their benefits only, no harm! Is the basis of the amount of information, and other local real estate network can be directly


4 convenience construction

is the convenience of information services, spend a little time, traveled to all local businessmen! Collection shop address, contact telephone number, the main business, then the store with photography, the collection of information. At the same time, but also invisible to businesses promote your website, business is very good.

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