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Network charges reading cost effective

Into the Internet era, more and more friends through the network reading. Xinhua news agency said that recently, Sina, Sohu two portals are ready to launch a Book Reading fees in their reading channel. It means to make money online reading. In addition to these two major portals, Tencent network as early as May of this year has been officially launched the VIP fee reading service.

"" Xinhua news agency said, the network books, many people would just have a look to pass the time, money can not see. Some people think that the company also opened the account registration, too much trouble, would simply not see. Others say that the place where they can read more is not only they can see.

the "daily economic news" said, a part of reading support, that is entirely reasonable, but also represent the general trend. Their point of view is that the site was originally rely on traffic to make money, but also to pay for online reading is the protection of intellectual property rights. But the premise is that the content provided by the site must be like the Internet users, rather than what can be seen everywhere. Value for money!

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