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90% of the public number may never get a 10W

this article comes from Lee’s speech at the state of entrepreneurship, the theme of the new public relations based on the user’s new behavior".

for today’s start-up companies, the establishment of a brand will begin to build, in the absence of funds, you can use public relations and the media to build brand and communication.

today’s communication environment has undergone tremendous changes, before then several TV stations and newspapers, since the media now account for more than 20 million, micro-blog has tens of millions of content accounts, more and more communication channels, how to influence them at this time? What scene? What is the


because the environment and people have changed, if you do not have a corresponding adjustment of the spread, there will be difficulties.

The plight of the spread of

is basically three problems: the user can not find, do not read the user after the interpretation, the interpretation of the user, but also no effect.

if it is sent to allow users to buy tweets, the afternoon is a good time, if it is at night, because the more tired, so look at the content of the relaxation is more appropriate.

communication is a system engineering, said a very simple media environment:


traditional magazines, newspapers, radio, portals, forums, search, WeChat, micro-blog, second shot, unfamiliar street, application store.

in this case, our dilemma occurs: content generation, user interpretation, communication channels, user feedback.

below we come to the depth of interpretation.

communication channels: channel explosion, the mobile terminal as the core, channel weight

just before a channel with dry, such as melatonin, can play ten years like a day.

the amount of information we get every minute now is very large, and each producer is competing for attention. Today, the proportion of people in the mobile terminal to obtain information over the PC side, which is a fact.

because of the explosion of the channel and the mobile terminal as the core, to bring the channel to change the authority. The portal has been on the agenda, and the randomness of the media environment has strengthened. You never know what tomorrow will be.

content: UGC (user generated content) /PGC (specializing in the production of popular, mass content) to focus and core by the editor to user

from the lack of information to excess information, this time to take into account what the user is interested in, so the content, brand standards have changed. The previously required language fluency, writing, concise and comprehensive, but today is really hot and popular, which is before this specimen of



look at the Papi sauce, according to SARFT’s standard

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