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Comment C2C Witkey tallzhi com

tallzhi.com is a Witkey website, his position is C2C Witkey platform, he both reward type Witkey function, but to one of Witkey services as a promotional focus.

is a major type of Witkey as everyone knows a disadvantage, is the waste of resources. A reward task, hundreds of people involved, winning just one or a few people, other Witkey all cast to the wind. Beginning in the reward task I am also very excited, and we compare real, win bonus. But the task publisher’s appetite is different, even if you seriously put in, it may not be able to bid, so I do not want to participate in the activities of witkey. Say you have seen the industry’s top staff busy in Witkey activities, find the business they do. Who will earn the money. So a type of Witkey for some low price and small project service. Who will bigger projects, quality service, high-end service? So C2C Witkey tallzhi.com was born, tallzhi.com is a focus on trading witkey.

as C2C Witkey tallzhi.com function design focus on the following aspects: first pay attention to the personal qualities of Witkey display, a log function, can easily show their personal works by publishing witkey. Have second shops, can help Witkey convenient sale their products and services. Third with the third party guarantee mechanism to protect the interests of both sides of supply and demand. Article 4 the evaluation mechanism, with the credibility to constrain the parties.

in the promotion of tallzhi.com is good at using the media, a resounding slogan "barter trade Amoy Taobao, wisdom wisdom" let the founder Gong Bing frequently get the chance to debut. Oh, I also learned that "methods complement an idea from here to do the station".

wrote here, it may be said that this article is the creation of a network of soft charges. "No"". Do not believe, a good proof to show you, the following criticisms and comments, I do not know whether the network can be accepted.

1, Amoy wisdom network has been traded in the business, the real virtual wisdom trading rarely, most of the business has been the design of the transaction. Don’t set up the wisdom of Witkey leader banner.

2, heavyweight Star shop too much, actually a lot of Star home shop no business transaction record. Oh,


3, C2C key does not need to be Witkey virtual goods transactions, but the supply and demand sides of a transaction mode, this is an important factor in attracting high-grade Witkey to come, but success has not been this propaganda.

4, tallzhi.com news index is very high, but the "Witkey" keyword ranking is back, the daily average of nearly two thousand of the search keywords "Witkey" can reach tallzhi.com not much.

5, Amoy network overall turnover is low, Amoy network and his reputation is not consistent, how to turn into a wealth of wealth still need to work hard.

to Amoy network several suggestions:


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