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The blog soft network marketing means

to understand what is soft, first we need to know what is hard advertising advertising is hard, we often see some such as Wuliangye, Nike and so on television or in the newspapers do the full page advertisement, he let people see that is advertising. And soft, its biggest feature is that most people think this is not an advertisement, when people watching this skill advertising soft Wen, has been deeply recognized inside the product or service, this is the biggest advantage, let people see imperceptibly have already to express their identity any thought.

, first appeared in the newspaper, when the network is underdeveloped in newspapers has begun to have a soft, soft paper is mainly through their own products added to the number of false news or announcement to, then the news is false news and seamless integration of this newspaper, let people see advertising as news look, it is moisten things silently, in the invisible way to kill. After the Sanlu incident, independent business JUNLEBAO, they in the process of independent promotion is often in the newspaper to publish some soft text advertising, to find enough to see some 09 years around March the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, there are specially introduced Seabuckthorn yoghurt 09 flagship JUNLEBAO advertorial, the main idea is "a Chinese Seabuckthorn yogurt milk diet" is not to coordinate the new layout, not exquisite pictures, just a few hundred words can reach beyond imagination, is that readers feel that it is not advertising, but the news is, JUNLEBAO research by the national certification, and in the readers’ psychology bears a deep impression, soft sometimes more than a well-designed advertisement effect is good, is that it is disguised, it bypasses the people against advertising, it is the people on the news Trust.


network, the soft start in the network exhibition fist, with respect to the newspaper network soft stationery more convenient, interactive gengqiang, wider coverage, the most important thing is more inexpensive and efficient, and the network has gradually become the first battle of the soft.

There is a very big help

good, enhance the product or the company’s image, but some also need a good, very good writing, need to be carefully designed, and effective skills.

Title attractive,

to write text, the most critical step, writing and school teacher for the same reason, a number of titles, will attract more people to try to read your essay, you should read the news on Sina when not everyone should see, is only of interest to see it, but in the end our goal is to see the title title let people have this impulse.

The main way to lose weight: the title of the soft

products as an example, the soft Six Meridian Swords.

one. Title Policy

1 story begins: my weight loss tips, ten by weight loss, how do I lose 20 pounds in January.

2 celebrity strategy: Jolin’s exclusive weight loss tips, how to keep slim Karena Lam

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