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Small program can force apple App Store change

After the

applet came out, the foreign media on this matter is more sensitive, said WeChat wants to challenge apple in the next ten years. But I think the challenge may not be able to talk about, but may be forced to change the apple Apps Store model.

so far, App Store has been on the line for 8 years, according to official data released, App Store applications have soared from the first 500 or so to today’s $2 million. In addition to the growth in the number of applications, the number of downloads reached 130 billion times. It is understood that App Store application store revenue highs. Apple announced that in 2016 a variety of software in the Apple App Store earned a total of up to $20 billion, an increase of 40% over 2015. According to the proportion, apple at least $8 billion in revenue.

App Store head 1% developers earn more and more, not a good thing for Apple

developers into, as of June last year, apple App Store has a total direct to developers paid more than $50 billion fee, and in January last year, this data is only $40 billion. And in 2016, apple paid $20 billion to developers. In other words, the cost of apple to developers to pay for the rapid growth of consumer spending habits for consumer applications has been relatively mature, the head of the application developers are getting better and better.

but this does not mean that apple can remain optimistic. Note that the author emphasizes the application developer. Mobile applications optimization company Sensor Tower latest research, said Apple App Store App Store market has been a major bias in the large application developers. Data show that the first quarter of 2016, total revenue App Store of $1 billion 430 million; the 1% application developers, about 623 developers, received $1 billion 340 million in revenue. In other words, in the Apple App store, 1% of large application developers accounted for 93% of revenue. In other words, 99% of the application developers in App Store earn little money.


can be seen, App Store application developers in the group’s revenue structure has shown a tendency of serious polarization. We know that when a country has a very large gap between rich and poor, it often means that there is a risk of instability and instability. Therefore, for Apple’s software application ecological structure, and this serious disparity in the developer’s revenue structure is clearly not conducive to the sustainability and stability of its future software revenue. A large number of developers can not earn money to find other revenue sources of ideas and aspirations will be very strong. For apple, when hardware sales are declining, while software revenue for apple is becoming increasingly important. How to stabilize the developer team, let >

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