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Luxury B2C will become the next bubble

in the wave of China’s transformation and upgrading of consumption, luxury and pan luxury site, become the capital chasing after the acquisition of the object.


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following the group purchase after the bubble, the capital of luxury and luxury B2C crazy to pan electric.

but the latest news is that positioning in this market Huha network, executives fled, the website was hacked, employees pay talks without the door closed. B2C, President of our luxury electric statue of Hou Yujiang "entrepreneur" said, now the capital environment is so bad, the bubble burst group purchase, capital once again flock to the luxury (and universal luxury) electricity supplier, who do not spend money, money will be drained a lot, "because, in the short term refinancing has been lost may."

2011, the news of luxury website financing have been disclosed. According to the Statistics Branch of the research center recently released show that since 2010, Chinese equity market has been disclosed with jewellery, ornaments, clothing and other luxury package related e-commerce website investment event occurred 23 pen, 21 pen investment fund investment Disclosure Event amounted to $529 million.

Business financing sensational news

from the network serves. In March 2010 by the international VC KPCB (KPCB) $20 million after August, once again announced a high-profile show, won $100 million B round of financing. Investors from the United States well-known private equity fund Warburg group. Ju Peng hua. Public data display: Jingdong mall 2009 B round of financing $21 million, Alibaba B round of $82 million in 2004. It set the record of China’s largest electricity supplier industry history of the B round of financing." The media so described.

hit money, money, money

luxury, pan luxury website investment hot. Fifth Avenue CEO Sun Yafei rankled, "like that today, tomorrow the 50 million group purchase, 100 million." She said that has been divorced from the nature of business. "Blindly rely on money to hit, produce a pile of foam. Listed, the hot potato to investors go — such a model, the last one is."

she felt, positioned in this market, B2C electricity supplier, never like the sudden explosion of growth as the group. "Impossible Mandaijie smashing advertising, tomorrow is a large group of people bite, immediately buy a packet of tens of thousands of." Want to fatten up, it is difficult for the industry to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. But she believes that it’s not too slow to describe the development of the situation, which is a gradual business.

2008, Sun Yafei saw a data. In 2000, Chinese luxury goods sales of about $500 million. But by 2008, China has surpassed the United States, ranked the second largest consumer of luxury goods in japan. Previously, an investment bank in Wall Street

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