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nternet July event nventory two Google through the annual curve regression

the day before yesterday on the Internet July event Inventory (a) CNNIC internet report is a concern in the text, the inventory of the Internet since July what happened. Due to the limited space and time, failed to make a complete summary, today to continue the last theme, inventory of the Internet in July occurred in the big event.

new filing system on-line BBS special filing due to the approval of a new round of approval will be canceled

in June 10th, the Ministry issued a "notice" "the Ministry of industry and information technology on the site for the record management system upgrade, announced the launch of three record management service mode. According to internal sources, said the Ministry of industry and information technology has been gradually changing the three systems, namely: ministerial level, provincial level, enterprise level, level three system. In July 5th before the authority does not accept any website information submitted for the record, in July 5th after the website registration information submitted will be reported at the same time, will have to fill in the verification of the authenticity of the single and official photos. It is understood that the latter will be set up in the vicinity of the authorized camera point, the nearest photo. Along with the process of taking pictures for the record That’s final., new filing system has been launched. Currently around the station has begun to follow the process of taking pictures for the record, whether willing or not, to adapt to the new policy is the fact that the individual owners must accept.

news: July 10th GOV.cn (Gov.cn) recently issued a document of the State Council, namely "on the fifth batch of cancellation and decentralization of the management level of administrative examination and approval decision", was canceled in the 113 administrative approval of the project, including the cancellation of the Internet electronic bulletin service special project approval (for the record). This means that the majority of owners There were many discussions. Good news, but also for the future may strengthen the supervision of the introduction of new regulations expressed concern. Then, the relevant departments of the Ministry of industry, said the approval or filing of electronic bulletin service has not been canceled, but incorporated into the non operating Internet information services for the record management. More so that the owners of the policy is vague and confused." "Business, Internet information service license and non operational Internet information service for the record" contained "Internet electronic bulletin service special approval (for the record)", which means that the future belongs to the special record repeated examination and approval, in the future will simplify the process, in the management of Internet information services and the licensing of non operational Internet information service record. In fact, it has been tantamount to cancel the special filing, although still need to submit a certain procedural information, but there is no doubt that the door of the operator BBS forum is not closed.

comments: the introduction of these two new policies, the impact on the individual webmaster is huge. There is a blow, but also good. For the development of the Internet as a whole, the picture will help standardize the management of the record, and open BBS forum is conducive to the operation of the Internet open and interactive. For individual owners do have a blow, but it can be determined that only the individual webmaster dare to adhere to the real situation and needs of the group can be truly understood by the relevant management. Policy is not a complaint can be improved, only to adhere to the results to express their aspirations, in order to strive for policy improvement and humanization.

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