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The human body art is regarded as the net to seal the artist to fight two lawsuits

as a "human photography artist", Mao Jian in the name of art, launched a "human art" website, domain name and network space is to buy a network operator. Unexpectedly, the site was opened for 26 days, it was operators to pornographic sites on the grounds of forced closure. To this end, Mao built the two prosecution of network operators, compensation for the purchase of $380 network space and the cost of the loss of $5000. Mao Jian said that the lawsuit is a name for himself, for the name of art.

human art website was sealed

in order to obtain network space and domain names, Mao built a total of 429 yuan, of which $380 is a year of the purchase price of 500 megabytes of cyberspace, $49 for the domain name fee. In March 27th this year, Mao Jian suddenly found that just opened 26 days of human art website can not be opened. The page displays only, the website for pornographic pictures, and there is no record, demanding the closure of network monitoring department.

art is not pornography, holding such an idea, Mao Jian came to the network operations Company negotiations the same day. Mao Jian said the receptionist gave 4 reasons why he shut down the site, is a network monitoring department closed, because the site suspected of spreading pornographic images; two is the site without number; three is the telecommunication department also received notice of Internet surveillance authorities ordered the closure of four; the website is no record number in the telecommunications sector.

Mao Jian said, so he found the public security network monitoring department and the Department of telecommunication, the two departments do not know this, and have confirmed that the site is not suspected of spreading pornographic pictures. According to the provisions of the "publication management regulations", built on the site of the gross body art photography no naked erotic scenes, no amplification of exposed body organs, the expressions of the characters natural, not tease, seduce manners, do not belong to pornographic photos.

it is understood that at that time the site has more than 10 thousand members, Mao Jian in order to avoid losses, immediately find another network operators to buy network space, and with the same domain name opened the site. At the same time, in the case of fruitless negotiations, the hair will be built a network operating company sued the court.

court controversy

Mao Jian sued a total of two cases, first, the network is not used to seal the space, requiring network operators to compensate for the purchase of $380 space. Second, the human body art website is a network operator as a pornographic website and closed, violated his reputation for compensation of $5000.

yesterday morning, the first lawsuit in Nanjing district court hearing in Yuhuatai. Mao Jianben thought the evidence is conclusive, but met with no thought of difficulties. It turned out that Mao to buy this network space, is purchased by agents, the money is also handed over to the agents, the two sides did not exist in any written contract.

network operator’s attorney stressed that Mao Jian said the agent is not a company agent money, and can not prove the existence of the relationship between the sale of the company. In other words, do not recognize Mao Jian bought the company >

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