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Daily topic Facebook crazy s WhatsApp really worth 19 billion

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 20th news, Facebook on Wednesday announced that the United States will be about $19 billion acquisition price of cross platform mobile communications applications WhatsApp. WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum will join the board of Facebook. This will be the largest M & A transactions in the past ten years, but also indicates that the next Facebook development direction of the next five years.

WhatsApp in the end what is the charm of the value of $19 billion Google would like to have wanted to buy, but then the offer is only $1 billion. The Tencent has to buy is still not negotiated, now appears to be given the price did not make WhatsApp satisfied! Only this one year worth many times over! But then WhatsApp is the capital of the.

review of the development history of WhatsApp, 2009, two YAHOO employees of American Ryan · AIKE (Brian Acton) and a Ukrainian Jane Qom (Jan · Koum) was founded, launched mobile phone SMS for positioning is. From the functional point of view, WhatsApp is very simple, is to help users send and receive information. Compared to the Asian chat applications WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk cartoon ChAT expression, games, social networking and other functions, WhatsApp No.

over the past four years, and now their business across Google, apple, Microsoft, blackberry and Symbian mobile platform etc.. Monthly active users 450 million people, of which the proportion of active users in the day of 70%, and the daily increase of new users of 1 million people. As early as last June, the amount of information sent on the day of WhatsApp reached 27 billion, it is now said to have sent the message to send the total size of the global mobile phone text messages.

as the world’s largest social network, Facebook has tried to find a breakthrough, but can not find the rhythm of the mobile internet. Whether it is a mobile desktop Facebook Home or mobile client Facebook Messenger has no real control of the mobile terminal entrance. Today, still stay in the lack of innovative products. Facebook itself poor performance in the mobile platform. Although Facebook is the world’s largest social platform, but did not show dominance in the mobile terminal, and has been challenged by WhatsApp, Snapchat and other new mobile social applications. So Facebook acquired WhatsApp. After the completion of the acquisition, Facebook will eliminate an important competitor, once again consolidate the status of social networking king.

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