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T world network or outage T professional website worrying

recently, there is news that the IT world network is about to stop operation, the Nanfang Daily reporter confirmed from the IT world network staff, IT world network in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other important races will take "austerity" policy, interviewed all the sub station staff, to bring to Hangzhou station plan, if you do not accept to mobilize need to have been disbanded, "almost no colleagues to accept travel arrangements to Hangzhou, so basically is disguised layoffs." The employees of the IT world network approach rather helpless.

previously, according to media reports, the old IT vertical website IT world network is about to stop operation, the ShenZhen Railway Station will be disbanded, Guangzhou branch also dissolved. According to the XiAn Railway Station staff have broke the news, the XiAn Railway Station because of poor management is about to collapse, and the IT world network has been owed wages for up to six months.

IT world network outage soon?

according to the inaugural IT world network of Guangzhou branch of the website of the Ministry of hardware channel Mr. Zou said in an interview with Nanfang Daily, the media saying to the world of IT is to stop the operation of the network is not entirely accurate, in the beginning of November 1st, IT world network of the personnel Department to individually interviewed employees, communicate to employees, if not to accept Hangzhou branch of the decision, you need to accept N+1 (N= service) monthly salary amount of compensation, and this completely without signs of substation adjustment, provide employees finally decided the time is only 3 days, in November 4th will be complete and enter the compensation process.

According to Mr. Zou

saying, "IT world does not give you the room to think." Including Mr. Zou, most employees have suffered severance compensation station. IT world net deputy editor Lin Xihong micro-blog said, "at present is to stop the Guangzhou Shenzhen three branch operations, the Beijing side will continue to maintain a period of time, but also not long time estimation. Xi’an station on the issues mentioned in the report, is already N years ago, this has nothing to do with the outage." Zou Xiansheng also confirmed, to their employees, the station ceased operations came very suddenly, did not have any internal rumors, but the salary does not appear the phenomenon of default. IT world’s former editor in chief Feng Yan in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter on the IT world network outage situation and do not want to talk about, but for many employees have been dismissed expressed regret.

according to the Nanfang Daily reporter, IT network is the world’s EGO group holding the Internet vertical IT website, on-line since June 8, 2004, has opened 26 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, directly under the branch of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places in the Southern China area, has a good reputation, but with the decline of IT industry boom IT, the world network as a service to the EGO group shopping website, is subjected to the pressure of survival.

IT professional website worrying

"the tragedy of the IT world is the result of business failures, not the legendary problem of team management." IT>

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