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Report the highest award million illegal websites video website will be a thorough investigation

original title: illegal websites to report the highest prize million

Beijing News (reporter Du Ding) the National Copyright Bureau and other 4 departments jointly launched a period of 4 months in 2012 to combat Internet piracy special treatment Jian Wang action". Yesterday, the State Copyright Bureau announced the "2012" sword action "piracy case incentives", decided on the 6 report, depending on the circumstances were given 1000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan reward.

Our copyright management

national copyright bureau director Yu Cike pointed out that the "sword action" will continue until the end of October, for a period of 4 months. This is the eighth time since 2005 to carry out special actions to combat Internet piracy. For the crime against the wind, repeated piracy or other serious circumstances of the site, to be severely punished, especially to increase the intensity of criminal cases transferred to the network, to achieve new breakthroughs in the aspects of handling major cases.

according to reports, the special treatment of the main site for the provision of works, performances, audio and video products and other content; provide storage space or the search link service website; online trading platform website; strengthen the supervision on the network literature, music, film, games, animation, software and other key areas as well as books, audio-visual products and electronic and network publications and other key products.

Yu Cike said that the local copyright administrative departments, public security organs should identify a number of key Internet piracy cases, focus on breakthrough, rapid investigation. In addition, the video site will continue to actively supervise the work. The local copyright management department will increase all kinds of impact on local supervision to provide video content, search links, storage space service video website, standardize business practices of video website operators, for violations found to be severely punished.

6 categories of reports will be rewarded

reporting range

1 report dissemination of music, video, literature, online games, animation, software and other works of infringing sites;

2 report selling pirated books, audio and video, software and other e-commerce sites;

3 report on the mobile phone media for piracy;

4 report will be the site of the server on the outside, in the territory of piracy activities;

5 to report the development of domestic web site registered members engaged in piracy;

6 report illegal websites engaged in piracy activities.

report mode

report Tel: 12390, 010-65212870 (Jian Chuanzhen) 65212787

report mailbox: [email protected]" > [email protected]

other phone calls can be found in the National Copyright

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