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The future of the entire shopping system and process is like this

A few days ago

believe everyone is Ma Yun scraper? Major news media, WeChat group, circle of friends are about Ma Yun to launch VR shopping " VR strategy ". Have to say in terms of corporate strategic development, BAT is undoubtedly the most cattle ali. With the progress of science and technology, people use manufacturing tools from simple to complex, from ancient times a stone on a stick, now robots, drones, the advent of high-tech products more and more make people’s life more convenient, life experience gradually improve. With the development of science and technology it is difficult to imagine the future of high-tech products can give us bring the convenience of living on the limit where, today on this issue and share the future process and what is the shopping experience.

robot production

in recent years the development of intelligent hardware technology of high speed, intelligent robot has been developed by scientists more humane, the 2016 Spring Festival Gala appeared with Sun Nan on the scene of a robot contest. This is only the most basic use of the robot, and the development of the robot must eventually be replaced by the human labor force, become an effective tool for production.


to achieve this goal is not difficult, now many factories have achieved half automation, industrial power in Germany has done NO.1 in production automation, many of them have reached the production of fully automated, I do not know recently you have to watch a video of the German automatic chicken slaughter plant, particularly shocking.

with the development of robot technology more and more mature, the necessities of life in the future will be completely produced by the robot, which is an inevitable trend. This not only saves the labor force, in product quality and production speed have been improved, so there is no fake, cottage said.

big data marketing

in recent years, big data has been optimistic about the field, and the fact that the use of big data can achieve a lot of surprising results. WeChat from the circle of friends advertising accurate delivery, and now we are using today’s headlines precise recommendation of information, all is not the use of large data analysis to achieve.


since advertising, information can be used to carry out precise data, the future use of big data for the precise recommendation of goods is not impossible. It can be imagined that there will no longer be marketers in the future, there will be no intermediate advertisers. The future of electronic business platform will take advantage of big data, analysis of each family, individual spending habits, accurate information on time to recommend to you.

then the situation is this: toothpaste is running out, and then we will receive a message to remind the list of toothpaste available, after several recommended marketing system, you can calculate your love sign on time and the length of a tube of toothpaste, toothpaste with you at the next fast end will be on time accurate recommended brand of toothpaste you want. This recommended marketing can save the cost of advertising products, marketing staff a variety of marketing costs, as well as reduce fraud minus

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