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SF financial transaction or a low key layout Ali Jingdong new threats

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun July 18th reported

has been SF EXPRESS (hereinafter referred to as the "SF") with an express company brand impression to the outside world. But with more and more label SF body with internet mark, the layout is more and more big, its features are increasingly blurred.

today is an SF express company logistics company financial payment??? Is the electricity supplier company? Apparently not simply defined, after a quick layout courier, electricity, logistics, SF began trying to break new ground acceleration in the financial sector.

technology Tencent was informed that recently, SF financial platform – Shun bank financial formally issued by the central bank card acquiring licenses, a step forward in the overall financial transaction business.

at the same time, also with its own SF express service, for banks and insurance agencies, financial services business in the vertical acceleration field layout. A financial transaction, a financial services, since SF financial curtain slowly opened.

previously, SF had a low profile registered SF SF bank, payment and other financial domain, the perfect payment and other financial systems, for good luck, but also an inevitable choice to expand the product line to make full use of resource capacity. Plus fresh cold chain, B2C, O2O etc. hey SF strategic landscape layout, electricity providers increasingly clear: offbeat counter attack card, online and offline cross-border integration and internal coordination.

although the official caliber, SF financial transactions purely doing internal service. But if the smooth development, holding the two third party payment license SF, or the future will Ali, Jingdong, or even the entire electricity supplier industry formed a certain degree of threat.


license and pay the next city to accelerate the integration of internal financial transactions

2010 SF launched payment instruments SF treasure "; in December 2011, SF treasure formally issued by the bank to pay the license –" third party payment business license ", valid until December 21, 2016, the payment service belongs to the Shenzhen Taihai Network Technology Services Limited, and SF boss Wang Wei has" Tai Hai "99% of the equity investment.

days ago, SF has won the third party payment in the field of a license, bank card acquiring licenses. However, this does not belong to the new business, but the contents of the new changes, the business is still owned by the Shenzhen sea network technology services ltd..

The so-called

bank card acquiring business, refers to the receiving bank and non bank financial institutions and other payment acquirers provide for merchants by receiving terminal card (credit card) and complete the relevant financial settlement services.

Third party

acquiring business, mainly rely on acquiring, scale, eat difference to profit between the banks and merchants.

previously rumored SF to obtain the corresponding banking license, or will push.

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