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Seal a talk graph king mind Guo Jie was scolded straw

straw chilling made me aware of the serious problems in the grassroots. The straw received internal news that Baidu, QQ is a large block of video website hotlinking, the first time to announce the news, this was originally the straw out of kindness, want to notice early, did not want to usher in a brick, scold. No way, we can do is to feed the pigs, which can not stick the smell of excrement. Of course, these pigs are a small group of pigs, very few pigs, is called a mouse and a few mouse droppings, stir not what the situation, things still happen, damn off will die, Darwin’s theory of evolution has always played a role.

whenever my article appeared in the webmaster online, only one station, the Baidu index "seal a" three word search volume brush will Cuanshang, up to more than and 100 times, I said the word will become a key, is to use the search volume in the verification of the article is not in play. This is a what truth, regardless of intentions, called graph king Guo Jie, or the chill of straw, and the audience, which explains what


this shows that a large number of grassroots webmaster, is read carefully, in my article for example, although just as an ordinary title flashed, but later there will be at least 20, 30 message, even those who are top of the title amplification of the article, also seldom met such fierce discussion now, click on the article I have been still good. Even scold me, but also points to look at the side and then scold, he is still reading my article. From the Baidu search on the search volume more than and 100 times, a dozen relatively abusive posts, we have shown the webmaster online articles, or value, we should be happy, be happy. Don’t scold a few words, is downhearted. Most of the readers do not readily message habits, including me, almost never leave, the reader is more in the diving, there is no value, they know, can not give them to inspire their own clear, but no sleeves up fight.

many people are talking about the learning process of fishing, fishing is grinding patience, the good-for-nothing, we are in the process of writing, but also the process of grinding patience. There is not much harmony of things, and when they bicker quarrel, have agreed also to have the opposition, not shouting "Y you shut up", with a piece of tape opponents mouth stick up, every state of the prison prison is not closed so many political make it. In this article, there are comments behind the article, whether it is opposed to, or agree with, or to put forward opinions, will lead us to re think deeply, continue to write more valuable articles.

Guo sister wrote many articles in the past, I have seen a lot, continue to adhere to it, why not write? This is a very good habit, I support you, I give you up for some! There is no solution through the idea, I give you the extension. I do "network graph king said the first writer, this.

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