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Domain name domain name Co domain name into the fastest growing new global domain name

.Co domain name of the official registration operator CO Internet S.A.S. recently announced that the.Co domain name registration breakthrough 1 million mark." ".co is the fastest growing new global domain name in modern history," said Naval Angel, founder of List, a leading global investor seeking promising venture capital opportunities (Angel.co)." ".co domain is so amazing growth rate is likely to become the.Com after another" super domain name."

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,.Co open registration less than a year, there are at least 54 ccTLD using.Co to do the domain name of the, and.Com as the domain name overlord, using.Com to do the domain name of the ccTLD but also 90. The domain name.Co, touted the rapid popularization, domain experts pointed out that the first.Co domain name short, easy to remember, the expression of Corporation, Company, Commerce, Connect, Communicate and other multiple meanings. In addition, more importantly, from the domain name similarity,.Co and.Com are more similar, can be seen as a shorthand version of.Com the.

currently, the domain registrar is also very optimistic about the commercial potential of.Co domain.Co domain name, gamble. GoDaddy in the United States Super Bowl Football Championship, launched 30 seconds of new advertising, and vigorously promote the.Co domain name. This is the first time that GoDaddy has put an ad on a single suffix domain, and is in a "super bowl" game with great influence. China largest domain registrar Chinese million net is to launch 60 percent off There was no parallel in history. concessions, generous promotion of.Co domain name.

it is understood that there are more than and 200 countries, individuals, organizations and companies registered.Co url. Which accounted for nearly 50% of North American registration of.Co domain name registration, accounting for about $25% in europe. Like Twitter, Google, Amazon and Overstock are the first to use the.Co platform of the world’s leading brands.

can be seen, Asia and China will be the next step in the domain of.Co focus efforts. .co registrar is also expected.Co will continue to grow rapidly in the next three to five years, and the greatest growth potential in Asia and Latin America will be the main developing regions.

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