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Grassroots webmaster riding a bicycle sprint win in China

      22:13, turn on the TV play to win in two sets of China program, do the red team and blue team were reported in Huiyuan juice sales contest win in the third round of China pop-up registration deadline No. 9.11, there is no reason to pay attention to win in Chinese I’m looking forward to working recently, only know that the third round of registration unexpectedly, even 2 hours to live to the company to walk about 30 minutes late reported not


      with friends to discuss riding bicycle company registration (add live without distraction, broadband) halfway to race with time in order to save time, the car almost hit the car, the car pulled over but not anchored to continue to move forward, a company at 10:40 in the under the information written on the name, the answer to the 100 questions – 11:30, click OK, successfully registered.

      entrepreneurship is my dream, in fact, not just me, I really like is a lot of webmaster have the same dream, a burning heart, I have experienced several times, often the result of success, this time I will be successful, there is a saying that good failure is " ", the mother of success; I experienced several failures of ", the mother of success; " I have invited several home, I am afraid not successful


      the first entertainment station, registered the first month ziz.cn do get 300, very excited, then IP to 6000 SMS revenue they think good, ready to enhance their lofty ideals and high aspirations, in 2005 that Xiamen scholar culture communication company channels to do good, know a network of friends to help to enhance their learning to do the promotion of student inside marketing results dutushidai missed the golden period, the site to flow down no thought to do, now even forgot the corn storage fee, the tuition is


      second commercial station industry station Sisha sound, a taokao.com registered with the influence of Taobao surfing the web, contact the iron man to spend 15000RMB to buy a server, a dry, want to learn the application of scholar but not enough money idea and the actual distance that I soon lost failed,

      third three Zhangzhou mobile communication network engineering   spent more than 3 thousand investigation at the time of the case, find the key people who could not find the cause of social workers, lack of experience, and the age of the problem, not the contractor is willing to cooperate with me, the failure of

      after   these sums up a few times, the funds have been broken to borrow more than 10 thousand of the RMB, became a failure, but

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