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Cao Guowei admits Sina a number of failures failure to meditate long term strategy

15, Sina reached a strategic cooperation with NBA conference, Sina president and CEO Cao Guowei smile, this rather low-key Internet celebrity rarely accepted the media interview after the meeting.

in the Chinese spectrum of heroes in the Internet, many people with distinctive personality, Chen Mou, Zhang Zhaoyang playing more fashion, Ma Yun has always been a striking phrase, Ma Huateng is more like an engineer, Cao Guowei, has always been a competitor called "the accounting people". In response, he responded: "I am an accountant who has never used a calculator, and now I am in charge of the financial management of the outside world, I am relatively weak in this regard."

put aside the brand of accountants, the real Cao Guowei is how?

lead Sina listed key figure

Cao Guowei’s English name is Charles, a lot of staff affectionately call him "old check". The staff had he entered the ten year anniversary of sina took a small film gave him a comic titles as "who did not think of him, this just to help Sina listed on the flash of the old, from the beginning of their journey."

from Sina chief financial officer (CFO) to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and then to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cao Guowei said he almost did all the work of sina". In the grand on Sina’s "attack", he made the "poison pill" plan, successfully subdued the outsider Chen Tianqiao. Sina’s revenue decline in 2004 when he stepped in, and is responsible for responsible for finance is the core of advertising sales and website operation. So, he will be very hard to say: "no more than one person I know on the Sina business is more thorough, the overall operation of each business line, no one can close to me."

wants to know that when Cao Guowei was in charge of sina’s vice president of Finance in 1999, he thought he would only spend a year at sina. At that time, Cao Guowei is the PWC certified public accountant, first contact with sina, instead of a sick colleague, flew to Beijing from the United States to guide Beijing Puhua on Sina’s audit.

is wonderful fate, let a casualmeeting freeze, since then, from 30 to forty, Cao Guowei more than and 10 years are "bound" on sina.

Cao Guowei entered the market when the plight of sina, due to policy barriers, the company can not plan nasdaq. At this point, his accountant background, HP, YAHOO, eBay and other mergers and acquisitions of listed companies experience has become a unique wealth. At that time, Wang Zhidong and Wang Yan in Beijing and when the Ministry of information industry communication, Cao Guowei in the United States is responsible for the coordination of lawyers, investment banks and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission work.

is Cao Guowei’s scheme, let Sina NASDAQ road of dense willow trees and bright flowers. The unique feature of this program is that Sina’s Listed Companies in the United States and its operating entities in China, there is no relationship between the shares, but through a lot of the structure of the law, put it on

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