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Olympic Games came Baidu was doping

more than a week, found that Baidu is not normal. Baidu snapshot more often than before. But the ranking change seems to have become lazy, but do not know if this is not a good thing, morning, noon, evening even ranked may not be the same. I think Baidu is over excited.

some time ago, Baidu’s hard disk damage, said that everyone site their own website, data anomalies. Rank anomaly. The middle normal for a period of time, recently found that Baidu again is not normal, some of the old station ranking out badly, and some new weight has been a huge increase, even I saw a popular keyword (above 3W search), a top 3 station is July snapshot, I wonder and how is a snapshot of last month’s ranking also this good. Into the site a look and found that the webmaster has been the lowest for 1 months did not add any content to their stations. A stop updating station (almost no chain), why weight puzzling rise?.

last week, listening to a friend in a stone (claiming to be someone inside), Baidu file, so it is not normal, but this does not seem to be too normal for a long time.

rankings change too fast, a few times a day, before every week only to worry about 3 weeks, 4 days, and now suddenly found Baidu every day in the big change.

today, Baidu search "QQ space" [this time hot enough, search 7-8W], found that Tencent QQ space website disappeared, before 2 pages do not see the shadow.


this shows that Baidu is really a problem, not to say the algorithm is not changed, or correction. But the result is a failure, whether it is webmaster or screen name. Did not get the search results they want.

own a new station www.qqflash.org, a week Baidu included, but included a snapshot only address, second days was K. Third days included, the snapshot is still just the address,

K. was once again at noon today suddenly do not know what Baidu is doing, the Olympic Games is coming, Baidu seems to be excited, snapshot update frequently, this is a good thing, but the ranking changes too fast, I think this is not a good thing, not to mention the ranking algorithm seems to be common sense and. A few days ago heard that Baidu has taken a key step in Japan, Japan’s YAHOO CEO Baidu. May Baidu recently focus on Japan to…. perhaps the Olympic Games, the engineers have bought tickets to go to see the Olympic games.

Baidu, Baidu. You fight for breath, people give you face, not GOOGLE, you should give us high quality service. Know that your job is to search, not to rank.

water can carry a boat, can also capsize

is the webmaster and Internet users to give you the status of today, of course, we can also choose to give up you. Hope you

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