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mprove the exposure rate of your website through the advertiser

respected Webmaster Tools User:

if your site is allowed to advertise, we invite you to use Google Ad Planner advertising program to improve the exposure rate of your site. Google Ad Planner is a free media planning tool, the user covers tens of thousands of media planners and buyers. These achievements can not be separated from the Google Ad Planner publisher Center – it is a Ad Planner area, allowing you to manage the site configuration file.

view the three steps of the site profile

to view the content of your site profile in Google Ad Planner, follow these steps:

1 access to www.google.com/adplanner

2 enter the URL of your web site in the blue box that displays the view site list

3 press Enter to access your site’s configuration file

if your site configuration file is not complete, please do not worry, you can use a variety of methods we provide to add information to the configuration file.

Eight ways to update

web site profile

Please add more information to your profile via the Google Ad Planner publisher Center (URL: www.google.com/adplanner/publisher). For example, you can declare the ownership of a domain or subdomain, write a web site description, provide a web site for advertising, and update your site content categories and advertising specifications.

you can also choose to enable the Google Analytics (analysis) data on your site, invite other users to modify and maintain your site, and improve your profile through the Google Ad Planner site logo.

use entry

Www.google.com/adplanner/publisher immediately log in to your Google account and start using this tool


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