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Mobile phone short video applications began to show small coffee scraper but it will become a second

decreased with the advent of 4G, mobile phone Internet, video is becoming the game after the second will be a long-term occupation of mobile phone users to the content of time. Although the development speed is very fast, but also many small coffee show just one has noticed this trend application.


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from May this year, micro-blog began to have people upload funny funny little coffee show video. In late July, due to the addition of Wang Luodan, Jiang Xin and other stars, small coffee show this lip show video production mobile phone application completely explosion mass entertainment nerve.

According to

news about the current line interface, small coffee show users more than two months only has reached more than 15 million, becoming the first App Store Chinese free total list.

small coffee show Lei Tao responsible for the interface news reporter said, due to the current user volume increases quickly, optimization of the vast majority of small coffee show every team focused on the server function, but even so, the rapid growth of optimization still can not keep up the pace of users.

actually, small coffee show is not the first to mouth show short video applications. Before the small coffee show domestic popularity, German developers have built an application called Dubsmash in November 19, 2014. According to the German media Heise earlier reported that the application was launched just a week, the amount of downloads ranked first in Germany App Store application, and quickly swept the UK, France and other nearly 30 countries.

Dubsmash in foreign hot soon attracted the attention of the domestic entrepreneurial team.

Lei Tao said, small coffee show was the initial inspiration from Dubsmash. But compared to Dubsmash, a small coffee show on many of the details are simplified, such as audio subtitles, convenient user control lines at the time of recording, reducing the threshold for the use of Dubsmash tools; weakening the partial attribute, you can share the user after the completion of the shooting, other users can also watch works, interaction and activity are get better mobilize.

referred to earlier media reports of the "5 minute decision, development" 2 days, Lei Tao in an interface news reporter said in an interview in 5 minutes, 2 days before the opening of the "small coffee show the team itself has done a lot of preparation.

Lei Tao said that the popularity of 4G networks and tariff reduction, the development of the short video industry has brought a significant rise. Although the second beat itself in the short video market to occupy a certain market share, but there are still some market space can not touch the second shot. Thus, from the beginning of the end of 2014, ray led a team from the second shot Independent, has been brewing to make a burst.

small coffee show itself is also the team developed fourth products, before this has been a long time to accumulate Technology >

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